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***Being Complacent & Being Overwhelmed ***

This topic is on a special request from our dynamic Realtor® Pranali Talsania who is part of Save Max Dream Home. A special thanks to her for her suggestion.

In my career of more than a decade, I have mentored 100s of Realtors® and have observed 1000s. I have seen many new Realtors® who achieved success and many who left the profession. On the other side, there are many who reached a peak in their career but lost track after that. First, we will touch on being complacent, and then we will talk about being overwhelmed.

Being Complacent & Being Overwhelmed

Humans are designed to be complacent, if you keep doing the same thing again and again, you will start feeling bored with that; in other words, you become too comfortable and take things for granted. Many Realtors® who have 4-5 years of experience can second my opinion on this,

When they started their careers, their enthusiasm was at very high levels when dealing with any and every client. But slowly, we become selective in our business and many times end up ignoring little challenging business. We start thinking, or I would say we start consoling ourselves, that we want to deal with only selected clients.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with it, but somehow we miss an important part; we are letting go of the same business which we used to happily do a few years before. We fail to understand that someone else will get that business, and our client will go into their network. Plus, all the future business will go to that person who helped the client when he needed the most.

Not only that, when we get a little success, we become complacent in doing the basic activities and start feeling that, ” oh, I have been so successful, why should I still do the basic job” and that’s where we put ourselves into trouble. Slowly, we start losing ground on our business territory and then comes the time when we start going down.

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There are simple solutions to overcome complacency in our business.

1. Never forget the basics of business. Stay grounded.

2. Please replace yourself every 2-3 years; have your backup in place.

3. Train your team member who can handle the business which you will not be able to do because of your busy schedule.

4. Always take out yourself of your comfort zone.

5. Keep watching your performance and when you feel you are going down or about to go down, start following the basics of the business.

6. Never hesitate to get help from your mentor as he/she may have gone through that phase and can help you to overcome it faster.

7. Learn from other people’s experiences, one life is too short to make all the mistakes.

Being Overwhelmed – I think this is another interesting topic to discuss. Keeping in view that the reader doesn’t lose their interest as it will be too big to read , I will pen down my opinion on this tomorrow. Once again, thanks to Pranali for bringing up this topic and special thanks to all the others who sent their suggestions for the topics,

I will cover all of them one by one. In the meantime, visit our RiseWithRaman page to stay tuned for seminars and training sessions.

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