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Get Paid Instantly

DO NOT wait to get paid till the Closing Date! At Save Max, you will get paid as soon as you firm the deal and complete the paperwork. If the deal is signed TODAY, you will get your commission cheque TODAY ,even if the property’s closing date is in 3 months. You do NOT need to worry about cash flows.


0% Interest

No worry about Cash Flow. Palatable cash flow situation!


Instant Commissions

Commission Funds paid immediately upon firming the deal.


No Credit Check

Approval based on your performance and deals, not your credit.

$18+ Billion in Sales
80+ Franchises
1250+ Agents

**As per Save Max data**

Numbers that speak for themselves

$6.5 M

Average Annual sales volume per agent 2021


Avg. Annual Commission Per Active Agent


Of New Realtors Make 6 Figures With Save Max

**As per Save Max data**

What Our Realtors Say

Life as a realtor can be chaotic – cold calls, endless running around, desk fees, cash flow problems, etc. However, Save Max changed all these. Now, I just focus on my clients and Save Max does the rest. I get paid the day I sign a deal – Wow! I am just so glad that I am a Save Max Realtor.

Kavi Sharma

Frequently Ask Questions

Claim your Commission the Day You Sign a Deal! Just complete the paperwork and submit it to Administration. As a valued Save Max Realtor, you do not have to wait until the deal is closed.

You can claim 80% of your share of the commission.

This facility is available to all Save Max Realtors at 0% Interest. A flat file-processing fee of $100 will be charged per transaction, regardless of the amount claimed.

You will be paid the Same Day! All you need to do is send the completed paperwork to the Head Office and they will process it ASAP.

Currently, this facility is available ONLY for Re-sale deals. However, Pre-Construction deals will be added soon.

If the deal does not get closed for any reason, the Commission Advance will get deducted from your next commission cheque.

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Simple conditions apply

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