List Your Home for Sale by Owner - Save Max

Best Place to List Your Home for Sale by Owner

Imagine how things would be if you wanted to sell a home on your own without any knowledge. What will you do? What price will you put it at? You may find it challenging to begin, and as technology has changed the real estate market, it is vital to understand ...
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Selling Your Home - Save Max

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can seem like a tricky and formidable process. After all, there is a heap of things to sort out and consider. The competition is also stiff with other home sellers and there are plenty of steps to take when it comes to selling your home quickly and ...
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Buy A House Without A Down Payment-Save Max

Can You Buy A House Without A Down Payment?

When it comes to purchasing your first house, the first thing that comes to your mind is saving money for the down payment. You may have been planning for this day for quite a long time, but what if you have to spend significant savings on some emergency? Is there ...
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Top 4 Features that attract home buyers in 2021

The 2020 pandemic had halted nearly a decade of positive housing momentum in Canada, until the recent upsurge in housing demand appeared in the previous months. Although the epidemic has been a challenge, customers are still out there, possibly more eager to buy than ever before. The buying season is ...
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Selling For The First Time & Caledon homes for sale by owner

Selling For The First Time? 10 Real Estate Tips That Could Help You Sell Best

Beyond the immense paperwork and buyer quest, selling your home has a lot of emotional weight. You’re leaving a location called "home" where, by all accounts, you've spent a significant amount of time over past years. This is a personal decision as much as it is a financial one. With ...
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