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How Does Home Refinancing Work in Canada?

(And Why You Should Consider it) Photo Courtesy Unsplash What is Refinancing? Simply speaking, Refinancing is the replacement of an existing loan with another debt, usually under a different term and interest rate. In addition, this new debt may have a higher principal amount to borrow more money. The new ...
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How Will the Kelowna Real Estate Market Look Like in 2023?

By N. Balani The Real Estate Market in Canada Like the other Canadian Real Estate markets, the Kelowna real estate market has fallen slightly since February 2022. The existing environment of rising interest rates has brought the hot market with low inventory to a new reality of lower prices but ...
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Do You Know the Cost of Building a House in Ontario?

Home Sweet Home As homebuyers start looking for their dream homes, they may find it difficult to accept a house in its entirety. Not everything they see is in accordance with what they are looking for, and the dream home remains just that, a dream. Build or Buy? Countless details ...
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What is Canada’s Home Renovation Tax Credit

By N. Balani What is a tax credit? In the 2022 Federal Budget, several new tax credits were introduced for all Canadians. A tax credit is an expense that can be partially reimbursed by the provincial or federal government and allows you to deduct the amount from your income tax ...
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The Most Expensive House In Toronto

A Glimpse of Toronto Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, has many labels. It is Canada’s largest and most populated metro. In addition, it is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and is considered Canada’s financial capital and leading technology hub. Though fairly earned, a slightly less known nickname ...
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