$999 for Listing Your Home


***Being Complacent & Being Overwhelmed ***

This topic is on the special request from our dynamic Realtor® Pranali Talsania who is part of Save Max Dream home. A special thanks to her for her suggestion. In my career of more than a decade, I have mentored 100s of Realtors® and have observed 1000s. I have seen ...
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“Brokerage Environment”

Few days before an agent asked me the secret sauce of 90% success rate of agents at Save Max office as compared to 10% in most of the brokerages. We always talk about 10% of the agents do 90% of the business so there is a lot of success parity ...
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***Real Estate Uncovered*** Pre-Construction vs Resale “What’s the best investment“

One of the biggest dilemmas in today’s Real Estate market is whether I should buy a pre construction or a Resale? This question is more relevant to investors rather than end users. As end users, it’s very clear and defined requirement but when you are an investor than the flexibility ...
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