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Jack of All; Master of None, Realtors®

I am sure we all are familiar with this quality which the majority of people possess, especially here in Real Estate Canada. Many times you come across those individuals who come and tell you, I DO REAL ESTATE, MORTGAGES, INSURANCE, RRSP, RESP, HOME INSPECTION and everything. By the time that person tells you what he does, you actually forget about his actual profession.

Don not be a Jack of All:Master of None in Real Estate  Canada

Imagine you have a heart problem, and your doctor is a General Practitioner. Will you ever take a chance to get your heart operated from him? When someone tries to do everything, you becomes average of everything; you can’t have a mastery of one. This is one of the harsh truths, especially in Real Estate, People don’t realize that if you try to do everything, you will not achieve mastery in any. That is very important at the start of your career. Once you achieve success and establish it as a big business, you can think of diversification but that too in related fields. This will help you to get better success in life. It’s always good to become a master of one trade rather than becoming an average of 10.

If you know the card game, then you know what the value of Jack which fits everywhere, is, but Ace is always the most favorite. Jack can make you a game-win, but Ace will make you a champion. Similar applies in life, if you are trying to do everything, then you can make a decent living, but you can’t excel in one field. Real Estate is such a vast field that you have to be fully dedicated to your profession rather than dividing your time into ten things and not achieving success in any of them.

It looks very odd to the clients as well if you are doing everything as it will make them confused and make them think about what is your real profession. Above all, you will get only those people as clients who don’t understand the value of expertise, and they will never pay you top dollars for your skills. Have you ever seen an average player, actor or doctor earn top dollars for their service? Success is all about strengthening yourself in the field which you are best to do rather than becoming an average of everything that you are supposed to do. Once you identify your strength of something, keep building up yourself on that will expedite your journey to success.

If you will try to achieve success by becoming an average of many trades, then your success will be average only. Let me talk about Real Estate, which the majority of people adopt as a profession as a last choice or come with an intent to make a little extra money as part-timers. I have seen many people taking licenses just for the sake of saving money for their own deals. In my words, you are actually abusing a wonderful profession. Have you ever experienced in your life that you are abusing something and it will be fruitful for you? Just do a small experiment in your house with a fruit tree or any flower plant. Every day morning, go and stand in front of the plant and start abusing it, even if you are watering and fertilizing it it still won’t give you the fruits or flowers which you are expecting as you are abusing the plant. This is the simple rule of nature.

I would love to see people adopting Real Estate as the first option, not the last resource of making some extra money. Not everyone who passed the license has all the knowledge of the profession. Look for a learner who wants to learn every day and make him better constantly by learning.

I am sure from today onwards, you will try to have a laser focus on your street rather than making your hands dirty in everything. Even my humble requests to clients to understand it as you are not doing good to yourself. Look for someone without has adopted Real Estate as a profession rather than someone who is abusing it as a part-time impression. Neither he/she will be able to justify himself/herself, nor will that person be able to protect your interest.

Become a master, not a Jack …..

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