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Cheapest Houses For Sale In Toronto: Get Ready To Pack And Move!

With real estate prices in Canada skyrocketing over the last year, it may seem that finding affordable homes in Canada is an unlikely task. Canada real estate anticipates home prices to increase in 2021. The 2021 RE/MAX Housing Market Outlook Report predicts a four to six per cent rise in the national average home sales price. But for someone looking to buy a house at a relatively lower budget, there is still hope! With Save Max, you can quickly scan and secure cheapest houses for sale in Toronto, Canada. Read ahead to find the most affordable homes in Canada, and check out some 2021 hacks to decorate your house cost-effectively! 

Cheap houses for sale in Toronto

Here are some of the most affordable houses in Toronto, featured only at Save Max– the most trusted online real estate arena in Canada-

1) Concorde Elegance

Check out the Beautifully Renovated Unit At The Prestigious High Gate Condos in Concorde Toronto, at a sweet price of only $1,125,000. With all utilities fitted to your comfort, you can enjoy the Party Room, Library, Tennis Courts And Outdoor Bbq’s in this meticulously maintained colony with high security and open balconies and parking spaces. Find out more about this listing here.  

2)Burkebrook Pl, Toronto

This West facing, Sun-Filled Open Concept Executive Home at a listing price of only $1,699,000 has a large Rooftop Deck, ample living and parking space, and local amenities in Burkebrook to make your stay convenient and fun! Filled with recreational amenities like Pool, Guest Suites, Library, Theatre, Party Room, Fitness Centre, and Billiard Room, this house is a must-own if your budget is on a lower range. Login to the Save Max portal to check out this listing today!

3) Cliveden Ave, Toronto

This mesmerizing West-Facing Lot with three bedrooms and bath and a renewed Kitchen is a spacious blend of goodness. With a listed price of merely $1,999,000, this property has an overlooking Garden, a Finished Basement, and ample parking space and connects easily through Toronto Centre & Airports! Check out this listing here

4) Boswell Ave, Toronto

At $3,895,000, you can buy this affordable Contemporary 3 bedroom house with Victorian furnishings and an open concept layout. Located on Beautiful & Quiet Boswell Ave, this is a perfect backdrop to modern living in the city. Visit here to search this property today.

At Savemax, you can find many such cheap houses in Toronto, Canada, and enjoy the calmness of the city. Whether you’re looking to relocate or are a first-time buyer; take the first step to luxury living at an affordable cost with Savemax and secure the best places in Toronto, Canada. 

Find out all the cheapest houses listed for sale in toronto.

Create your house on a shoestring budget: 3 tips for no-cost renovation!

Decorating or renovating a home is a costly endeavour, and any expense, whether material or labour, adds up. It is beneficial to have a simple vision of what you want to do to not spend on redoing elements. Here are three tips for saving money on decorating or renovating-

1. Recycle what you can!

A great way to save costs is to recycle old materials or use do-it-yourself features. You can use old wood to do the fencing or make a fancy vintage kennel out of it if you’d like. You may use old paint and wallpaper to design your indoors too!

2. Use Masonry furniture for a sophisticated look!

If you wish to install a bar counter indoors or fixed seating outdoors, masonry furniture with a foundation of bricks, stone, or cement is not only affordable but also long-lasting. It’s particularly appropriate for outdoor furniture and gives a neat and refined look.

3. Exposed Brick finish for a funky wall!

In addition to contributing energy to the house’s ambience, exposed brick eliminates the risk of plastering and repairing the walls. When renovating, you can even strip the plaster and paint to give your home a rustic feel using an open-brick treatment on the walls.

Now that you know where to search for the cheapest homes online, and know how to make them look modern, unique and expensive, go ahead and secure your dream home!

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