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Life of Successful Realtor®

Every day I come across many Realtor® friends who are successful and enjoying a wonderful career as a Realtor®. I do a lot of discussions with them to understand how their life style is and what their future plan is. I have come across few common challenges which all of them face in their professional and personal life.

Life of Successful Realtor®-Save Max
Two major challenges which are very common
  1. There is no further vision how they can reach to next level
  2. They don’t have time for family or friends

When any Realtor® attains a level of success the biggest challenge comes what next. If you are doing the same thing which you were doing earlier the result will be same. You might increase no of transactions to a level as there are physical limits to work for any individual. If you want to grow, you have to build a system. The challenge is Real Estate industry which works on a flat model and not too many brokerages have the technical know how to support Realtors® to build a strong system. Their business model just works well for individual Realtors® and best to best they will give you a facility to incorporate your business for tax saving purpose. The biggest challenge comes that the successful Realtors® get complacent and start going down on their performance which is the case with most successful Realtors® in 5 years career span. The biggest mistake they make is they don’t work on building a system.

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Off course it’s very well understand that when you have reached at a level where you are doing 30-40 transactions , your days get so busy and on top you want to make sure that your service level stays at par with the industry . You have to provide best to your clients and work life balance becomes the challenge. Then you have to compromise your quality time with your family and loved ones. Again the challenge is that you have not been trained to build a system which should continuously work for you. Your business is an individual driven and totally depends on your presence.

I always say If you mentor doesn’t know how to fly a plane, he won’t be able to teach you. Just imagine your mentor has reached only a team lead level, how can he take you to next level. It’s very important to choose the system which has a proven track record. Work in a system where you see there is a growth model for all level of Realtors®.

At Save Max we have created a model which works best for all level of Realtors® and the support system will help you to grow to next level which will give you 2 major benefits

  1. You will build a system which will work for you lifelong.
  2. You will have spare time to spend with your loved ones.

If you are making a gross income between 200K -500K then you should seriously considering the option to come and meet our hiring team to discuss what we can offer you. If you are really serious to build a career path, please contact Kamal Tomar @ 4163338747

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