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“Success Criteria for Realtor®: My View Point”

I come across Realtor® everyday as it’s my profession and I have made it my passion for simple reason ,I feel i can do this best . I am trying to make myself better every single day and keep working on myself to strive for the best out of me. When I come across any Realtor during the interview or general interaction, without asking a straight question I try to identify their criteria of success for themselves. Sometimes I ask them why you wanted to Jon Real Estate. Sometime I ask what you want to become. And sometime what’s your ultimate goal? Majority I realized people measure their success with money, someone will say I want to make this much and that much .In my opinion there is nothing wrong in it and I understand that measuring success is monetary terms is a good criteria but to make that as top priority is my challenge. In my humble opinion the success in Real Estate should be measured on three criteria.

1. Personal Growth

2. Professional Growth

3. Financial Growth

Let’s have a brief discussion about all 3.

1. Personal Growth:

I always keep that as a top priority that if my profession or my work is giving me an opportunity to become a better person every single day and I am growing on this opportunity by every single day. Real Estate gives us that liberty to help our clients to fulfill their dreams of living in the house of their choice within their affordable range. It makes me the happiest person when I see someone living in their house especially first time home buyers. My profession gives me the liberty of time and money and it’s my choice how I utilize it and I have personally chosen to enjoy it to make other successful. I ensure to help as many people as I can, as it gives me internal happiness and make me more contented person. I always try to evaluate my success with my better being between yesterday and today. I also get a liberty to spend good amount of time by reading books as I have liberty of time in my profession.

2. Professional Growth:

My second criterion of success is evaluating myself on my professional excellence. Am I becoming a better professional in my field and contributing something to my profession to make it better for others. Is there anything new which I am learning each day and make sure to share the same with others. If you don’t get professional satisfaction, you will never ever achieve excellence in your field. I personally feel that this part someone can understand only if they make enough money to fulfill their basic needs with some exceptions which are always there in life. Many times you might have heard people saying make your passion your profession and you will be successful. I always say, Do what you are best to do and it will become your passion. Once you reach at that level, no one can stop you from touching the par excellence. Be a better person, be a better professional.

3. Financial Growth:

Now let’s talk about the criteria which is the top priority of majority in any profession but in my humble opinion this should not even be a criteria. As I strongly feel it’s a by product of your success. Only you strive for success and achieve it , money is supposed to be there. The challenge comes when we try to focus on by product and loose our focus on the core objective. Off course I am not neglecting the importance of money as it has a lot of power and can help you to achieve our goals in a much faster and shorter span of time. I understand that it’s a good criteria to measure your success quantitatively and can be easily tracked on day to day basis but making it a top priority will take you away from extreme success.

Now this is my opinion and my thought process. I would like to understand yours. Don’t hesitate to comment with your top priority which might help to learn something better or change my perspective of thinking.

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