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“My Broker of Record is Good”

During a recent interview with a group of Realtors® who wanted to join Save Max platform, I somehow got into an interesting discussion which encouraged me to write this article. One of the Realtor® kept saying that our Broker of Record / Manager is a good person by heart and he talks nicely to everyone. But he was still inclined to join our platform. I was little confused and wanted to understand the reason that if he is satisfied with his brokerage why he wants to join us.

Let me first explain you our thought process for hiring. At Save Max we have a policy of not hiring everyone who come and approach us, so we always try to find good reason for rejection as well. We have created an atmosphere which encourages anyone to perform better and we bring them to the next level of their performance. Our first criterion of hiring is that we need people with two in build qualities; one is positive attitude and second is Team player. If we find any of these is missing, we simply don’t take that individual on board. As I personally believe that it’s very hard to change a negative person and if you are not a team player, we don’t need you. When it comes to Real Estate knowledge and business, we can teach you and with a confidence that no one can do better job than us when it comes to training any individual.

So keeping in view the same principal we have designed our hiring process where we interview each individual at least 3 times to ensure our hiring is as per our standards. In coming days I will share some data with you to show you How Save Max produce most productive people in the industry.

Let’s continue to our point of discussion with the Realtor®, so I started enquiring more that what he was missing if he has a good BOR / Manager. When I dig deep into the information, I found that he hardly met his BOR/ Manager and even when they met there was just a good Hi Hello kind of conversation. Then I further enquired and came to know that last few years his performance was not at all consistent. It was like one year good, next year bad then worst and then again good. Now this is the most alarming signal for me when I see Realtors® with inconsistent performance or may be even stable sales no for last few years that are a clear indication that you are lacking the right mentorship or you don’t have the right guidance of business.

Now let’s understand it better, you have a good BOR / Manager who is a good person but what if that person have no knowledge, communication and goal setting for you as a Realtor® or Team member . Being good by nature doesn’t make me good professional. I personally would love to work with someone who is a good professional not only who is a good person. Because I have joined them as a business not as a friend. Our priorities in our business should be clear and our first focus should be to work with good a professional who makes you a better professional and enhance your performance. It’s the job of a BOR/ Manager to make sure to bring the best out of you not just talking sweet with you and I have seen in many cases there is actually no communication or minimal Communication. Just imagine if there is no communication then what could be the problem. Don’t look for a good BOR/ Manager, look for a professional BOR and then see how your performance gets better and your become a good Realtor®.

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Based on my experience I will give you few pointers.

1. Please ensure to take a problem to your BOR /Manager every week and see how he solves that problem for you. If he gives you a productive suggestion which helps to do the business then he is a good professional. In case he avoids your call and have no time for you, then you can well understand.

2. Emphasize on having a monthly meeting with him about your performance. Though I believe that it’s his /her job to call you for a monthly meeting to evaluate and suggest you future course of action.

3. If in your office , one manage or BOR manage more than 50 people then only God can help you because its humanly not possible to manage that many people unless they have a hierarchy of team leaders or mentors . I have been enough in the industry; I know there is no place which has that hierarchy except save Max

4. If you don’t get a call within 2-3 min when you are sitting in a deal then it’s a big problem as you may lose that business because of lack of advice. Sometimes we feel that we are experienced enough that we don’t need advice and I can assure you that is a biggest mistake. It’s always good to have an opinion or I would say morale support from someone who has better knowledge and understanding of business.

5. If you’re BOR/Manager don’t discuss about Real Estate and just offer you tea/coffee and in some cases drinks then wish you good luck. Just imagine how will you learn and make yourself better.

Folks, many time we ignore these things in our life and just look for people who talk sweetly to us and make us comfortable, I personally would love to work with someone who is a good professional as makes me uncomfortable as it will make me a better professional and off course I will be a better performer than what I was yesterday.

I am sure this article will open eyes for many Realtor® friends.

I am attaching my favorite quote which is most suitable for joining any brokerage.

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