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Why GTA Real Estate Market is Recession Proof

Real Estate is always a topic of discussion, and a more important discussion is How the Market is behaving. When the market will go up, and when the prices will tumble? Most of the report and analysis are about the real estate Canada Market. In general, people make their analysis on the basis of the report for Canada and give their judgment about Market behaviour. That’s not a fair way to evaluate any particular market. For sure, The national data and market make an impact on all the individual markets, as the national data is a compilation of all those markets together. There are so many other factors which influence a particular Area, City, Region and so on.

GTA MArket - recession proof

When We talk about the GTA market, there are many other different factors which control the Real Estate Market in GTA. When we talk about Ontario as a whole, Real Estate is the major business activity in the province and a major factor in driving the economy. There are many different areas in Ontario which have their own market attributes. But overall, GTA has always been a strong Real Estate Market.

Why do we call GTA a recession-proof market? If we review the data provided by the Toronto Real Estate Board,  which is a true indicator of the GTA market, we will get our answer. Since 1969, the GTA market has steadily grown in terms of No. Of Sales and prices both. The growth is at a regular pace with few exceptions. Last 15 Years ( 1999-2014), the pace of growth has been remarkable, and the prices have almost doubled in this time frame. There are many factors which make GTA a recession-proof market.

The biggest factor is the demographics of the area. GTA area has a good influx of new immigrants every year, and the majority of immigrants come from South Asian Countries & China. Those are growing economies, and especially in the last ten years, these economies have shown splendid growth. New Immigrants are attracted to a better lifestyle in Canada. They are investing heavily in the Real Estate market not only all over GTA but all over Ontario. But GTA gets the most share of investment. If we look at individual Real Estate markets like Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto, we will see steady growth in sales and prices. It’s not only the investors but the genuine first-time buyers who hold this market at a strong pace. Last ten years, Immigration has changed a lot, and many professionals are coming to settle down in the GTA area. Their first objective is to get Rid of rent which is a major expense. They have to spend 25-30% of their income on rent. Thanks to many special New Immigrant programs from Banks & CMHC. The new immigrants are getting special mortgage approvals with limited credit and minimal down payment. Most of the major banks have special facilities like New Bank accounts, credit cards and other credit options available for new immigrants. All this helped new immigrants to establish themselves quickly in the Canadian economy, and Real Estate was always a good option to invest. The immigrants also responded well to these special offers and contributed well to the economy, especially the Real Estate Market. The good influx of immigrants always maintained a genuine demand in the Real Estate market.

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The other major factor was the historically low rates of interest in the last few years. During the world-famous recession of 2008-2009, GTA was one of the few markets in the world that refused to show signs of recession. If we review the prices of Real Estate in 2008 -09, there was no price decrease. Though no. of sales was a bit down, the prices were showing positive growth. It was a clear indicator that the GTA market is recession-proof. Once the economy showed signs of recovery, the prices started shooting up at a good pace and have been going up steadily since that time. A big thanks to the Ministry of Finance for taking timely action to bring the rate of interest at a low rate. The market also responded well to attractive rates and didn’t allow the recession to show signs of a slowdown in GTA.

A very strong Canadian banking system and strong lending guidelines also helped to keep the economy in check. Though it makes an impact on the whole Canadian market but helps more to the less volatile GTA Real Estate Market. GTA market always has shown a steady pace of growth and is well adapted to the volatility of the market. There has always been a good pool of genuine buyers which maintained a good demand in the market. There were intermittent periods when the inventory levels were low, and the market responded well with multiple offers at that time and more aggressive price growth. The best attribute of the GTA market is it will always ease a bit after a short period of fast growth. If the market keeps going up at a fast pace for a longer period of time, there is always a chance of correction and negative growth.

To conclude, the GTA Real estate market is & will remain a recession-proof market and will always keep attracting investors and buyers. There have been predictions from various sources of the slowing down of the market, but the GTA Real estate market has always proven those predictions wrong.

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