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Few days before an agent asked me the secret sauce of 90% success rate of agents at Save Max office as compared to 10% in most of the brokerages. We always talk about 10% of the agents do 90% of the business so there is a lot of success parity in the Real Estate industry. Save Max understood the problem of the industry and tried to create a system where 90% of the people are successful and rest 10% might have their own challenges but we also try to push them as much as we can for the success. Of course there are some extra talented people who always outshine in their respective fields because of their inborn qualities. With the diligent efforts we have brought Save Max to a level where 70% people do 90% of the business so there are lots of success stories in Save Max system.

Now let’s focus on the agent’s question and share the secret sauce of success at Save Max office. I think the big credit goes to the atmosphere of success which we have created, active mentorship which is nowhere else and above all the team spirit among team members the secret ingredients for our high success rate are. To elaborate it more, let me share 2 scenarios with you.

Atmosphere in any brokerage:

First of all there is no culture of agents coming to office and there is no schedule for them for the office. Even when the agents come to office, their biggest question is what to do? And there is no one to tell them what to do. If they ask from any senior agent, why would he/she guide them as firstly there is no interest to them and secondly they consider you as their competition? If they will teach you, then they have a fear of losing their business. The brokerage hasn’t created any system and policies where mutual interests are protected and each other’s business is protected. Even if there are any teams in the offices, but there is no coordination between them as they all are competitor to each other. You can simply do an experiment in your office by sharing your new listing with others and see how many people happily congratulate you. Majority will emit negative vibes and will ask weird questions as they feel jealous of your success. I don’t need to tell you how but you will feel it yourself. Majority of cases, I don’t think even you will feel comfortable sharing the information with anyone else.

Even if you ask any question, you can judge the happiness of others by the way they answer. Now you look towards manager or broker of record. Just imagine how can one broker of record or manager can spend 5 minutes time with every day or every week . If they have 500 agents and everyone wants 5 mins, it’s not possible practically and they can’t afford to have one mentor on every 20 agents. You can compare this situation with the class room size, if the classroom size in school is 500 students and 2 teachers; it’s very easy to imagine the focus of teacher on kids.

Even when you have a listing and you need some support from your co workers, you will always have a fear to share the open house with others to protect your client and brokerages have no policies and procedures for their agents for the same. The best policy they could design is take the information and request other to conduct open house. But how confident you will be to share your clients detail with others. Now the biggest dilemma, should I call my Broker of Record or Manager in the odd hours, which I don’t think, many of you do because they have never created the level of comfort to you for that kind of communication.

I can keep going on making the list but here that is not the objective to focus on what is not a viable outside. Let me just share with you the office atmosphere in Save Max and I will leave the judgment on you to analyze which atmosphere you would like to work.

Atmosphere at Save Max:

Save Max office starts at 8.30 am, corporate teams have its meeting 4 days in a week except Wednesday. We plan the day for all of us with a feedback session from yesterday’s activity. At 9.30 all the team leads start their meeting to discuss about the daily activities and feedback session. We have 22 team leads for a team of 100 people. Every team

lead manages smaller team of 4-5 people. In team lead meeting we decide the course of action, strategies and plans and whole company works on the same pattern. Then at 10 am each team leader conduct his team meetings, share the plan of action for the day with team members, take feedback from the previous day activities and finally decide course of action for the day.

Now everyone knows what they have to do. Just imagine the productivity of the team. We have created the policies and procedures for team members, team leaders, mentors and top management and made sure everyone’s business interest is protected and whole team is helping each other to conduct the business and create success. Just imagine if there is someone to talk to you what to do and guide you to conduct business on day to day basis, where you will lead in your career. That’s what the beauty we have created in Save Max system. Now at around 10.30 am whole team starts their activities and keeps in touch with their team leads to ensure to take guidance from time to time. Team leads work tirelessly until the end of the day to make sure full support is available for all the team members. All team leads coordinate with each other to ensure in case of the availability of one, the other one is there to help team members.

When it comes to open house, team leads schedule their teams for the open houses and each team member is given the schedule by Thursday with fully advertised open houses where they meet potential buyers. We have a policy at our office that every new team member will be accompanied by a team lead for first 6 months for any offer presentation and listing which helps to boost their confidence and close the business. Each team lead conducts their weekly meeting and there is a weekly meeting for the whole organization where we share company’s vision, marketing strategy and top management thought process to lead the organization.

For a new realtor®, we have 30 days training program  through a very innovative workbook called “ Beginners Guide to Real Estate Success “ which tells you a step by step approach about your activities for first 30 days . We proudly say, if someone follows the pattern, your success probability will be 10 times more than an average Realtor®. The whole training program is conduct 5 days in a week for 4 hours under an able supervision of a full time trainer at Save Max head office. We have created three level support system to help you for your day to day business activities we have a team lead, a mentor and one top management person is available for you 24/7 to help you to answer any question. We have an emergency helpline to support you for your immediate help when you are sitting with any client with 60 seconds response time.

Above all we have our own marketing department to support day to day activities of Realtor® with 3 full time designers at our office to prepare marketing material and design strategies for your efficient business.

I will summarize it as below

1. Corporate team meeting at 8.30 am

2. Team lead meeting at 9.30 am

3. Team meetings with team leads 10 am

4. Daily activities assigned to team members

5. Maximum team size 5-6 team members under one team lead / mentor

6. 24/7 three tier support system

7. Emergency helpline with 60 second response time

8. Fully advertised open house allocations

9. Business related company policies to ensure everyone takes interest in your business.

10. 30 days full time training for new Realtor® through a full time trainer

11. Administrative support and marketing support

12. In house team of lawyers, mortgage brokers, Bank relations.

Beside all these there are so many unique things which we do at Save Max and it will be a long list of activities to mention here. I have tried to give you a glimpse of the difference what we can make in your career through a system.

Now I will leave the judgment onto you , which system you feel is better, success oriented and have the capability to create success for each individual rather than confining the success to top 10% .

Real Estate is not my profession, it’s my Passion, it’s my Karma and it’s my Worship!

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