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Real Estate is Changing in the GTA

In my last few articles, I have talked about the Real Estate profession and the dire need for changes in the system for the betterment of the profession. Do you feel a little change of wave is coming in Real Estate Canada, or at least my articles are leaving some impressions on the REALTOR® community in general?

Real Estate Canada is changing

On the same note, I’d like to ask a few questions to my REALTOR® friends:

1. Do you think only classroom training can make you successful in Real Estate?

2. Do you think you are getting enough support from your Brokerage in terms of field training, documentation, marketing activities, and above all, a vision to grow in future?

3. Do you think a Brokerage system which has only a 10-20% success rate is efficient?

4. Do you think a person who has never worked in the field themselves can understand the real challenges, be it your Broker of Record or trainer?

If your answer is NO to the above questions, you should seriously re-think about your future.

Recently I have seen a sudden increase in the movement within the Brokerages, as if everyone is waking up from a deep sleep. I’ve noticed many posts on Facebook and other social media platforms where Brokerages are promoting their training sessions, their support towards REALTORS®, videos of Broker of Records and many more activities. I wonder if I ignored them in the past, or it is that these Brokerages suddenly felt the need to do all this, or is it a trend generated in the market after me? I leave it up to you to figure out as a learned person and make your own judgments, as I feel my observation could be biased because of my affiliation with Save Max. If you’re not sure, let me suggest this – if you have just started to see a sudden push of activities in your Brokerage for training sessions, and the number of attendees approaching 50% of your brokerage strength, what used to be merely 10%, then you can figure out that it’s a copy-cat trend, and is being done under pressure. It won’t sustain for long, and the impact will diminish with time.

If your Broker of Record is suddenly showing all the attention to you and there was no concern with you for the past several months, then I’m sure you understand that it’s just a temporary reaction to the situation.

I have always emphasized the importance of working in a system where success is at least 80-90% because there, your chances of being successful are higher. Let me share a good way for you to determine the system which Brokerages have created – Just check the total number of REALTORS® in your Brokerage and see the training room size; you will come to know the basic business mentality. In a Brokerage of 500 people where the training room can only hold 50 to 100 people, meaning the basic infrastructure is designed for only a 20% success rate, how can a better success rate be even expected? You are never being encouraged to come to the office as it will be a burden on the system. Just think about it, if you don’t have a working and learning atmosphere, how will you be successful? It’s something like the schools telling your kids to stay home and expect to get good results. Of course, there are exceptions where school dropouts have done amazingly well in their career, but that doesn’t decrease the importance of the school atmosphere for learning.

In the end, if my talk makes sense and if I can change a little trend in my profession that can help a few to achieve success, I will consider my efforts fruitful. I know I will get a lot of criticism for my thoughts, but I am happily willing to take any challenge if I feel it can make my profession better, as I believe that if someone has to start this change, why not me?

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