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Best Neighbourhoods To Buy a House in Markham and Steeles

Having gained its name from a famous English Archbishop, Markham is a magnificent city in Southern Ontario, Canada. With its roots deeply seated in the indigenous development of agriculture-based industries, this city has developed over thousands of years to become one of the most desirable areas of residence. It offers an excellent social and economical arrangement for a wholesome living experience. While the Southern region of Ontario boasts of this marvellous city, just north of Toronto, lies another Steele’s charming suburban neighbourhood. This city flaunts multiple commercial outlets, business opportunities and peaceful, green communities. Here we explore the most habitable areas of these cities and discuss the current real estate trends they follow. Let us evaluate various elements of these areas to help you find the best houses for sale in Markham and Steeles.

Markham Real Estate

Real estate in Markham and Steeles, Toronto, Canada:

The real estate market in Markham in April 2021 consisted of 93.8 percent of traditional home sales. This represents a 3.3 per cent improvement over March 2021 and an 8.4 per cent increase over April 2020. According to statistics, Markham’s traditional home sales are increasing, which is a positive sign for the economy. According to Markham MLS data, the average house price is $1,276,761, and there have been 907 new listings in the last 28 days.  According to Steeles MLS data, the average house price is $699,400. Steeles is a great place to buy a house at an incredibly affordable rate and desirable resale value too! The real estate statistics in these regions suggests that houses for sale in Markham and Steeles are in increasing demand rapidly, making this a great time to invest in the same.

Let’s explore the best neighbourhoods in Markham:

1. Cornell

Cornell is one of the city’s newest neighbourhoods and is widely regarded as one of the safest. Cornell is an excellent place to live, with all of the essential services, amenities, and luxuries of life. Located in northeastern Markham, Cornell offers a variety of parks and public attractions. Its central libraries, shops, and great schools will make you and your children fit right in this lovely neighbourhood!

2. Greensborough

Greensborough is a vibrant and simple-to-live city with walkable neighbourhoods and commercial centres. The community is situated in the city’s easternmost reaches and is a sound, silent, and pollution-free environment. This is one of the safest neighbourhoods to live in because it has various forest areas, public parks, community centres, and tourist attractions. Living in such a humble neighbourhood can be a memorable experience!  

3. Aurora Groove

Aurora is potentially Markham’s most affluent neighbourhood. The neighbourhood offers greenery, lavish facilities within walking distance and an ideal lifestyle make it one of the best in the world. In this beautiful neighbourhood, you will undoubtedly have a great family time and enjoy a peaceful and lush lifestyle. 

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Let’s explore the best neighbourhoods in Steeles:

1. Bayview Woods

Bayview Woods-Steeles is one of Toronto’s neighbourhoods that has seen an increase in the number of retirees in recent years. The region is beautiful, with plenty of greenery and ravines. 

It provides numerous recreational opportunities for senior citizens and numerous business and social networking opportunities for adults as well as educational institutions for young adults.

2. Armour Heights

Many municipal parks are located in Armour Heights, and several major highways pass through this small and blissful city. The highways connect the neighbourhood to the rest of Greater Toronto and southern Ontario, running east-west. It provides a variety of educational opportunities for young adults as well as plenty of recreational amenities. This is a great neighbourhood if you need open spaces for a refreshing stroll!

3. Victoria Park Avenue

This area  runs through eastern Toronto and is a major north-south thoroughfare. Victoria Park Avenue starts as a two-lane residential street near Lake Ontario at Queen Street. Along with Markham Road and Kennedy Road, Victoria Park is one of Scarborough’s busiest north-south streets. This locality is a luxurious and modern area in steels, and is close to all basic amenities, making life convenient and enjoyable!

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Now that you know about the finest neaighbouhoods in Markham and Steeles, you can go ahead and explore the various active listings in these regions. So, go ahead and find the best houses for sale in Markham and Steeles, with Save Max and its incredible online real estate arena!

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