5 Steps to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in Canada

The real estate occupation proposes a vast range of career opportunities. Being a real estate professional, you will assist people in buying and selling property. Such property can be home, farmland, commercial or any industrial space. You also have an option to let yourself indulge in property management, land development, mortgage banking, urban planning as well as real estate appraisal.

As a real estate professional, you may opt to become, office assistant, licensed agent assistant or rental agent, assistant in a department of a large real estate organization or in the mortgage division of a bank or lending institution. Here we are discussing the process to be a successful real estate agent in Canada.

Most Basic Requirements to Become a Real Estate Agent in Canada:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. (depending on the state, maybe 19)
  • You must own a legal residency in Canada.
  • It is essential for you to complete your required pre-license education. ( duration, depends on the state)
  • You should have qualified real estate license examination.

It is necessary to pursue pre-licensing training from a certified institution in Canada before appearing in the real estate licensing exam. The duration of training may differ significantly by jurisdiction.

The pre-registration course in Canada includes knowledge about choosing real estate as a career, land structure and real estate trading, the real estate transaction general, the residential and commercial real estate transaction as well as real property law. Pursuing a pre-registration course in Canada requires 18 months of time. There are options to take Pre-licensing courses either in person or online.

To become a successful Real Estate Agent in Canada, you’ll have to complete a series of Salesperson Licensing courses. After completing the pre-registration process, you’ll have to apply for initial salesperson registration, which is a 12 months process. After that, there comes Articling Segment, comprises various segments from which you have to select one. These segments are Principles of Appraisal, Principles of Mortgage Financing, Principles of Property Management and Real Estate Investment Analysis. Articling Segment is a 24 months course. To become a real estate agent in Canada, it is necessary to opt for one among these.

There are many brokerages, all offering different fee structures, cultures, training and development procedures. Some agents initiate giving interviews at brokerages during their courses. Interviewing during Phase 3 is recommended by experts to be sure that once you finish your licensing requirements, you can hit the ground running. Save Max has excellent packages for real estate agents to consider. To apply, fill out the form at: www.savemax.com

Applying for the securities for your license is an essential step to become a qualified real estate agent in Canada. The Securities Commission has a specific licensing fee and the process will be followed by a criminal background check. (Approx. 24-48 hours)

Real Estate Agents work as independent contractors so, have a lot of adjustability to work in a manner they want. The most important step to become a successful real estate agent in Canada is that you should always maintain paperwork for taxes and others, keep records of your mileage, your home utility bills as well as client meals and gifts. Being an independent worker, you have responsibility to track for expenses. Which are:

Signage – You’ll definitely need custom signs having your name on them to place your very first listing.
Association fees – You’ll have to pay annual dues regarding the local association you would be joining.
Lockbox services – Keys for listings are put in access-controlled boxes. So you have to own the boxes and the services for accessing them.

Advertising – Promoting your name in the external world may prove to be an expensive procedure. For advertising, you may reach to third-party vendors who offer different advertising options for agents, and also you may launch a business website.

Miscellaneous – There will be some additional expenses, can be caused by printing business cards, office supplies like computer, transaction folders and a printer. When you choose to work with Save Max, most of the expenses are taken care of by the Brokerage so you can keep focusing on your business without any worries. To know more, fill out the form today at www.savemax.com

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