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Top 4 Features that attract home buyers in 2021

The 2020 pandemic had halted nearly a decade of positive housing momentum in Canada, until the recent upsurge in housing demand appeared in the previous months. Although the epidemic has been a challenge, customers are still out there, possibly more eager to buy than ever before. The buying season is approaching, which begs the question: What are the most crucial aspects for home buyers in 2021?  Read about the top 4 most trending, must-have elements of your new house in Canada.

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  1. Neighbourhood:

Before all else, comes the importance of a humble and culturally rich neighbourhood. If you are looking for a house, it is essential to find one in a neighbourhood that has ample economic, social and recreational amenities, so as to promote a healthy well-being. Among many others, some of the most flourishing neighbourhoods in Canada include Ontario, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Caledon etc. You can view the most affordable houses for sale in Markham and other areas at Save Max

  1. Open Concept Floor Plans:

If not greater living space, what are home buyers searching for? After all, moving into a first house is supposed to be an upgrade over past living arrangements. First-time home buyers have voiced a desire for open floor plans in addition to renovated kitchens and baths. Such open concept floor plans not only make the house more modern and simplistic, but it also creates some extra space for your kids to play or for your tpo relax in.

Tip for sellers:
Before putting their house on the market, sellers should think about their current floor plan and see if it’s worth taking down a wall or two. Renovations that are done correctly have been shown to increase a property’s value as well as its charm. As a result, it’s feasible that more appealing floor plans will generate demand.

  1. Patios:

Adding on the demand for more space, patios are something new home buyers are really excited about. New purchasers are frequently coming from cramped living quarters, and moving up is driven more by a need for greater room than anything else. Patios are desired by around 87.0 percent of today’s customers, which should come as no surprise to sellers. A patio makes a lot of sense because most first-time buyers are used to using a balcony; it’s a reasonably inexpensive upgrade that may make a big difference tastic good

Tip for sellers:
Removing any walls that divide the kitchen from the living room could make the interiors more spacious. The patio design has become popular among people of all generations, not just millennials, because it allows for a more conversational flow in the home.

  1.  Garage versus kitchen space:

What are the desires of first-time home buyer women and men? It is not surprising that women moving into new homes seek ample kitchen space, while men usually check the garage conditions and quality.

Millennials and first-time home buyers have expressed their desire to own a property with kitchens and bathrooms that have been updated. According to a recent survey by Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc. 81 percent of respondents ranked renovated kitchens and bathrooms as the most significant feature when deciding whether or not to buy a house.

When it comes to Garages, new homeowners have a knack for having a lot of stuff, so garage storage is necessary. The value of efficiency, on the other hand, is more particular. Garage storage space allows homeowners to purchase items they require or desire without taking up too much living space.

Tip for sellers:
If your money allows, you may upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms. Additionally, clear up your garages as much as possible to lure the new customers in.

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    The rest of 2021 will undoubtedly pique the curiosity of first-time homebuyers on a large scale, leaving sellers with one key question to answer: What attributes are most important to home buyers? What do new home buyers desire, and what can today’s sellers do to meet those needs? Sellers should consider the facilities described above in addition to offering a listing in a competitive market. Not only will today’s best new home features assist sellers in finding buyers, but they should also provide higher returns to their owners. If nothing else, buyers in today’s market are eager to pay a premium for the amenities they desire; it’s up to the seller to deliver.

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