$999 for Listing Your Home

The 4 Step Guide to Selling Your House For Maximum Profits

Selling your home can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re also looking for a new place to live. Many hundreds of dollars could be saved – or lost – depending on your decisions along the way. To make your venture easier, everything you need to know about selling a house is right here.

Markham House for Sale by Owner

How do you want to sell? 

There are usually two ways:

  1. With the help of real estate agents or websites:

The listing agent markets the home, prepares the paperwork and communicates with the buyer’s agent, who supports the buyer in finding and closing on a house. Many sellers prefer to engage with an agent because they can advise them on price, incentives, and market expectations in their area. Another great way to find perfect buyers for your homes is by getting your home listed on Save Max. Save Max is the most trusted and efficient real estate website that uses a unique model that guarantees assured benefits to home sellers.

  1. Selling as an owner:

You may oversee all parts of the sale and won’t even have to pay a listing agent’s commission by selling the house as the owner (because you’re selling the home.) In a for-sale-by-owner deal, the seller has an asking price and can stick to it, and the buyer is responsible for paying their agent’s commission. Alternatively, the seller and the buyer’s agent can work out a deal. While this method can help you save money, it also takes more time and work. The seller is responsible for all paperwork and home marketing. You’ll have to take care of things like putting the home on the internet, taking high-quality images, preparing listing data, and scheduling showings. It’s also crucial to have a good understanding of the local real estate market. Many areas in Toronto and Vancouver offer FSBO listings online. Check out the best Markham houses for sale by owner

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Decide on how much you want to sell your house for:

One of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to make when selling your property is what price to list it for. Do your homework and learn everything there is to know about the local market. Request valuations from many estate agents, but don’t settle for the most expensive. 

Before you speak with them, get a free fast home online valuation. The most common mistake made by a seller is overpricing their home. 

Maintain pricing that is comparable to sold properties indicated in a comparative market study report. Consider whether your market is hot, cold, or neutral when pricing your home.

Prep, set and show:

  • Now that you have decided on a price, you are ready to begin the process. Cleaning and decluttering your home, as well as improving the curb appeal, is the first step that will help you sell it faster and better. Consider hiring a professional stager to prepare your home for showings or get advice from your real estate agent. You can put your furniture to good use regularly. Remember, the better your house looks, the more attention it attracts and the higher prices it yields.  
  • Now is the time to set the best visuals and verbal remarks for your home. You or your agent should identify the selling points of your home, and the best advertising words to convey them should be chosen. Approve your agent’s marketing strategy or figure out how to market your home on your own. 
  • Finally, you need to showcase your residence. If you choose to schedule appointments, try to be as flexible as possible. Some buyers will want to see the house after work on weeknights and over the weekend. As much as possible, be accommodating. If you do one, make sure to get feedback from the buyers so you can adjust your price, condition, or marketing strategy accordingly.

Receiving and accepting offers

If your home is priced correctly, you should expect multiple offers. 

Don’t dismiss any offer, even if it appears to be too low. Make a counteroffer to start the negotiation. If market conditions warrant it, make a counteroffer that is conditional on you purchasing a home. Also, if your price is competitive and backed up by comparable sales, don’t be afraid to make a full-price counter offer. 

Now that we have simplified the house selling process for you, go ahead and get those bucks in! Sell your homes at the best prices and let that sigh of relief out.

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