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Recent Regulations bring uncertainty in Toronto Luxury Real Estate

As per the views of Robert Kiyoski, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, “Real estate investing even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.”

But it’s also true that uncertainty resides in most of the cases when we talk about real estate segment. Recent government regulations have originated “unprecedented levels of uncertainty” for the high-end home market leading to the key spring buying season, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada stated in a report released recently in 2017.

Data composed by the recent spring market outlook report concludes that Toronto luxury real estate market shows a little deviation from continuing trends. According to Sotheby’s International President and CEO Brad Henderson, Toronto has ““pulled into a league of its own” and the expectations of luxury realtors are to see “all-star performances” across each luxury segment.

Taking MLS market data of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary into account, report predicts no measurable change in the trends created during the first quarter of 2017. Yet it is expected that Toronto will be forging ahead to direct the pack in sales of homes over $1 million, whether the high-end real estate sales in Vancouver will be conventional. Considering the first two months of 2017, prices and transaction volume of luxury homes for sale in Toronto are about to increase due to 44% rise in sales year-over-year. Vancouver luxury real estate, in January 2017, showed 51.1% year-over-year sales dropping, while February came up with a 6% month-over-month hike in sales. This recent trend is likely to be maintained.

In Montreal, sales are expected to get amplified on the basis of real estate market report. Montréal luxury homes for sale would participate to be comparatively more expensive and home sales of about $1 million-plus have raised 13% year-over-year in January and February. The market of Calgary would be involved in the oil price shock redemption process yet transactions would remain changeless. The increment of the Calgary luxury real estate market may limit due to an unemployment rate of 9.2%, as per Sotheby’s.

But recent regulations alter from federal, provincial as well as municipal governments remain “wild cards,” declared Brad Henderson.

Ottawa popularized advanced rules and regulations in which all insured mortgages had to go under stress testing to know if borrowers would still be able to attain their mortgage obligations in condition of increased interest rates or declined incomes.

Henderson adumbrates that strength will continue in the spring buying season provided that the government doesn’t implement new policies aimed at the real estate sector. Further he says, “We feel that the market is the best arbiter of supply and demand, and that government policies often have too many unintended consequences”.

“They need to be done thoughtfully, not as a reaction to what has really become a very political issue.”

Nevertheless, for all that, Canada’s luxury home market is still facing “unprecedented levels of uncertainty” due to a variety of factors.  These factors accommodate the impact of government policy, shifting signals on potential new regulation, and “forceful geo-political headwinds on a continental and global scale.”

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