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Top 5 Things To Know Before Selling Your House

Are you planning to sell your house but have no idea how to go about it? Well, selling your house is an exciting and challenging process. The task of house selling may seem overwhelming at times. However, streamlining the process with a little preparation and focus is possible.

As a seller, you must consider the buyer’s point of view for a lucrative deal. For this, you can either choose to sell the house on your own or consider taking the help of a realtor. We have listed the top 5 things to know before selling your home.

5 Things To Know Before Selling Your House
  1. Sell it on your own or choose a realtor

Today, making money has become a secondary option as you must consider how much you will lose on selling your house. It is a hard path to sell a property without the help of an agent, though it doesn’t mean you cannot sell a property on your own. The process can be slightly tedious if you choose to do it yourself.

On the other hand, if you want to skip the headache of selling your home, choose to work with a good realtor. Remember, a good portion of your house price will go to them and you may have to invest some money in the painting and repair work of your house before putting the house on sale. It is best to interview at least three realtors before making a final choice. Depending on the market you will get multiple offers. Some agents will choose to lower their commissions upfront whereas some will not be interested to do so because of the service they offer. Agents should be happy to explain why they are charging such a commission and hence you can find the ideal agent to sell your house.

When a house for sale ad is posted properly it can attract many buyers. You can take advantage of https://savemax.com/sell/sell-your-home-for-$999 as it is one of the fastest growing brokerages and can help you make more money when it comes to selling your house. They have an experienced team of realtors who have closed deals in ten days time and that too at a fair price. They offer free home valuation service and a free consultation. So, they help you sell your home at the maximum value.   

  1. Never set an unrealistic price

As a seller, you must remember one thing, setting the right price is the key. An overpriced or unrealistic price never leads to sale as fair pricing can. Hiring a realtor is more beneficial because it takes a lot of up to date market research and insider knowledge to get the price right.

Firstly, a realtor will check the valuation of your house. What is the market price? Second, Renovated properties with some impeccable features like a pool, barbeque kitchen, kitchen garden, quality flooring, or furniture have more value. If your property has some impeccable features then realtors can help you raise the price of the property to maximum value as they understand that buyers are ready to pay more for properties that look extremely appealing. If they like the additions they would choose to pay more happily, but the price should be justified and only a good realtor can help you close the deal at a good price.

Good realtors understand that an underpriced value of the property seems more attractive to the buyers. It can be a nice strategy to convince the buyer and they come up with such unique strategies while listing your house for sale and you always have the option of saying no if you feel the offer is too low.

  1. Avoid selling during winters

One may find it hard to believe but winters witness a steep fall in house selling. Winters are a slow time for home sales. Most people in Canada are busy with social commitments during winters.

Most people find it comfortable to stay inside their homes during winters. This may delay the selling process. It’s better to wait as few potential buyers might be active during winters. Hence, you may not get the commanding price.

Once the weather becomes moderate it is the right time for real estate listings. As per many reports most people in Canada prefer buying homes during summers. In such scenarios realtors can help immensely because when you sell your home good listings reaching a wide audience is necessary.  The agents at Save Max have access to the trade tools that can make things happen quickly.

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  1. Never hide any major problems

It is impossible to get away with hiding problems with your property. Almost all buyers today do a thorough inspection. Some even take the help of realtors to do a proper inspection of the property. There are few ways to fix the problem rather than hiding it.

Depending on a realtor is beneficial. They will help you fix the issues with the property before doing any real estate listings. They understand that listing the price below the market rate or listing your property at a fair price is one solution. Asking the buyer to give you a decent credit time to fix the issue is another alternative. Your honesty might help you sell the property swiftly and at a better price than you would have imagined and a realtor from Save Max will assist you to enhance the look of your property and keep it in flawless condition. It is almost mandatory for detached homes for sale to disclose issues related to the property. The realtor will manage things professionally if something needs attention.

The important documents of the property should also be clear. Realtors will make sure that there is no discrepancy to avoid unnecessary arguments and problems. Surveys, deeds, renovation bills, property tax receipts, transferable warranties, etc. should be communicated to the buyer with complete transparency and professionals will do it precisely.

  1. Home staging counts

It is true that never judge a book by its cover but in the case of property, the first impression matters. Decorating your house with flowers and painting on the exterior walls looks magnificent. It means half the job is done. Home staging is the need of the hour to make your property attractive for active buyers. For high quality real estate listings realtors have the idea how to capture the pictures of a room.

Save Max can help you in home staging and they know it is more than painting and repairing. Some people do rent some antique furniture to give the house the perfect look.

Home staging helps the potential buyers visualize themselves better in the house. It also increases the value of your property. Staging also defines the potential of a home and makes the space seem bigger. The property photos taken by professional realtors at Save Max will also stand out and hence it will attract many buyers online.

Conclusion: So, these are the top 5 things to know before you sell your home and instead of doing it on your own you can depend on a professional realtor where Save Max is a perfect choice. The cost of hiring a realtor is more but you can sell your home for a high price. Nothing is more satisfying than a lucrative home sale and they will guide you at every step and the majority of work you can leave it on them. They are known for selling homes more than the list price. They are expert negotiators and it’s a key skill of a good realtor that you can expect from them.

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