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5 Effective Tips for Home Staging

When it comes to putting a house up for sale, the owner makes every effort, from cleaning to decorating, to sprucing up the space. However, it takes more than luck to persuade a potential buyer. Here, home staging comes into play. Home staging is beyond cleaning and decluttering a space; it’s a process that aims at making a house of buyers’ imagination. Simply put, buyers don’t like to go ahead until they can imagine their lives in a house they’re stepping in.

A Thing or Two about Home Staging
Home staging begins when your house has been cleaned, decluttered and painted. Its primary objective is to make a room look bigger, soulful and warmer by adding simple elements like mirrors, furniture items, curtains, and lamps to its décor. So, when buyers get into the room, they feel themselves connected to the aura it conveys, and believe us, that’s the moment they make their mind up. Here, we are sharing a few tricks that could help you transform your house into a home straight from the buyers’ imagination.

1. Vignette Style – Breathes New Life into a House
Do you like your furniture items placed in an unorganized way? No, neither do the buyers. Group all furniture items in a manner so that they don’t picture clumsiness. It would be better to get them grouped in vignette-style- a style to group homeware items in a way that can emit a sense of comfort.

2. Decluttering means De-personalizing the Space
Home staging helps prospective buyers establish an instant relationship with the space shown. No buyer likes to buy a house until they find it compelling enough. Actually, they start figuring out how their lives could be after moving in; they start knitting moments with their loved ones as they touch every wall. So, it’s important for you not to represent your house as a property but a prospective homethem. You can do so by de-personalizing the space; keep personal items, clothes, family pictures, and religious idols/frames out of sight. This way, you give them some space to get things straight and imagine their lives thereafter.

3. Light Up the Corners
Nobody likes to head towards dark or poorly lit rooms. Brighten up all rooms in the house. Let sunshine come in, use brighter lamps to make the space look bigger. Turn on all the lights available in the house during showings to make visitors feel more welcoming and comfortable.

4. Make a Long-Lasting First Impression
There is an old saying, the first impression is the last impression. The entrance of a house is the first thing a buyer notices, and it drastically influences their decision. A gloomy and untidy entrance is a big turn off for them. So, don’t let the entrance of your house call the deal off. Put efforts towards making it welcoming as possible to leave a positive impact on every visitor walking up to your house.

5. Go Green
Plants, in addition to being a source of fresh air, also adds a positive aspect to the decor. Incorporate indoor plants to your home staging to make it lively. A vase of bright flowers in the center of your dining/kitchen table, some succulents in the living area, and a potted plant next to a window will surely do the trick.

These simple yet effective home staging tips can definitely take you one step closer to make the deal happen.

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