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Why we need more Entrepreneurs in Real Estate?

Real Estate is one of the most attractive fields in the world and especially in Canada. If we compare Real Estate industry with other industries, we will find that we are not working on the pace as of others. The world is changing a lot and one of the most encouraging and emerging concept is entrepreneurship. Pick up any industry Transportation, Short term rental, food delivery, online marketing, office rental and list goes on, you will find the entrepreneurs are giving a new direction.

Real Estate is a unique field and it needs totally a different entrepreneurship which can find creative ways to serve the customer but not so much with machine power. As there is a lot of personal touch and emotion involved, it needs a mentorship model where the intellect can be transferred to next generation through mentorship. Most of the big companies will be a part of the history as they are not creative enough to understand the changing face of field and also those who work on their old school thought process. They will not even realize what happened to their business.

We are going through an era where the old school thinking will not bring new generation result, we need to have creative approach to shake the industry. Off course every change has its own first step which is the hardest. That first step is to make a decision to change, once the decision is made then you will find the door keeps opening and the success can be much faster if you have the direction and keys to open the door which is possible through right mentorship.

Why we need more Entrepreneurs in Real Estate?

Just imagine if you are more than a decade in the industry and you don’t see any change of your business model except for the no’s, then you can imagine what will happen to you in this fast changing environment. Real Estate industry need a different dimension to fight and eradicate the old fashioned model , this need some entrepreneurial transformation understanding the requirement of today’s era .

We have created a model which suits the need of every category either it’s a new Realtor who wants to learn the basics of Real Estate or someone who has more than a decade experience and deserve to be an entrepreneur but not able to do it because of lack of right platform.

Let me share how Save Max has designed the model of success for various levels.

For New Realtors®

1. Save Max Learning Academy (SLA) provides 20 hrs Training each week. 8 hrs classroom and 12 hrs field training.

2. Full time trainer available in office to assess your skill set and design individual need based training program. Monthly and quarterly appraisals are done.

3. One-on-one mentorship.

4. New Realtor will be accompanied by team leaders for first 6 months for all the business activity.

5. Hands on training with latest technology tools to learn to generate business

Realtors® with 2 yrs Experience and successful track Record

1. Prepare them to build the team.

2. Special leadership training through SLA and mentorship to become entrepreneur.

3. Official structure to save taxes by incorporating the business

4. Proven business model to ensure success to reach to next level

5. In house opportunity to open franchise and grow business in future

Realtors® with 2-5 yrs experience with high production (More than 500K)

1. Special entrepreneurship mentoring

2. Franchise opportunity to save taxes and grow business as an entrepreneur

3. Full admin, accounting, marketing, training support for your business so that you can just focus on your growth

4. Team building training

Realtors® with more than 5 yrs experience and high production

1. Specially designed higher level management training

2. Unique franchise model with an option to sub franchise the business to grow in future.

3. Custom made support plan to provide admin, accounting, marketing And training support to your business

4. Partnership opportunity with Save Max (Unique business model)

Entrepreneur with no Real Estate License and no Real Estate Experience

1. Unique business model to open your brokerage as investor

***Business model for Realtors® with negative attitude and No zeal to grow

1. Join the competition

I am sure this article will help you to open your eyes and you will become part of the most progressive and out of the box thinking model of Real Estate industry. If we don’t plan to change with time, time will change us.

Want to become a Realtor®, Join any Brokerage

Want to become an entrepreneur JOIN SAVE MAX

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