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Type of Realtors®

In last few months, we have started expanding our business operations to other part of the country as well and I got to chance to meet many more Realtors® from various back grounds. Very interestingly I have observed that there is various classes of Realtors® and Realtors® in one particular type have same kind of thinking and working pattern all across the country. Based on my experience, I have identified few types which I would like to share.

Type of Realtors®

1.     **Realtors® without License **

This is the most interesting class as these are the people who just bought 1-2 houses for themselves as a buyer and visited few open houses. They start feeling they know a lot about Real Estate. Though they don’t have license and experience but their Real Estate advice is always free flowing to their friends and family members.

2.     **Realtors® for their own Transactions**

25% of the people got their license after they bought or sold their houses and were really worried about the commission they paid to Realtor®. They wanted to save that commission next time so got their license. Next transaction they saved 5000 commission but spend 10,000 to get the license and to maintain it. Above all they screwed up their own deal because of the lack of knowledge. They never thought what if the business or job they are doing and their clients might have thought the same thing, in that case they wouldn’t even be able to buy any house in lack of any income to them. Don’t try to do others job, do yours and do it best.

3.     **Secret Agents **

This is a very interesting class who took their license quietly. They were even worried in exam and kept parting before and after exam that no known person should meet them there. If someone known met them, first they were trying to hide their face and by chance if they met the person they start giving excuse. These people are perfect material for FBI as many times even their family members don’t know if they license. Forget about neighbors’ and colleagues.

4.     **Realtors® want to make quick money **

Many of us joined the profession as we were impressed (sometimes jealous) of the flashy life of our Realtor® Friends or family members and decided to take license without even understanding our own traits. These types of Realtors® get frustrated fast as they want to make quick money without learning the business. Majority get out of the business in first 6 months and few who do some Deals and get some success, get out of the business after 2-3 years as they never learned business but always focused on making quick bucks.

5.     **Part time Realtors® **

These are a very interesting class and exist in majority. These are the people who are not satisfied with what they are doing. Though they claim that they are happy with their existing profession but if they are then why they need some other profession. They are confused personalities and unfortunately will not excel in both the fields. I have seen many of them are talented and have good material for Real Estate but their problem is they are not confident about themselves though they feel they are. Secondly they have a logical problem of running their families day to day expenses but this can be easily solved with a little planning.

6.     **Realtors® by chance **

This is an another interesting class who took the license as a back up and joined Real Estate as they had nothing else to do . Sometimes they get lucky and get success and sometimes they are really a good Real Estate material and become good Realtors®. They learn the business and make a successful career for them.

7.     **Full time Realtors® who left their jobs to become Realtor®**

I personally love these daring guys and always admire their decision making capabilities. They either have trusted themselves or have trusted on their mentor to make them successful. Their success rate is really high as they have no other option than to succeed. We should really respect and support those who adopted this as a profession to feed their family.

8.     **Entrepreneurs **

This is the most valuable and interesting category. They all have joined Save Max and are doing excellence in their career. There are still few who are outside still in other categories but eventually they will come under the same umbrella.
Please see in which category you fall. I am sure I have covered all but if I missed any don’t hesitate to add.

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