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Investing In A Townhouse In Canada Might Just Be Your Thing!

Thinking of downsizing to a townhouse? Well, it is time for you to get rid of things you no longer need and prepare ahead of time for furnishing the new place. Luckily, choosing a Toronto townhouse might be easier for you if you are under a rigid budget. Especially if you wish to avoid any of the upkeep associated with a detached residence. Many residents in the Toronto real estate market and elsewhere are interested in townhouse condos owing to many factors. Here, we have gathered all the facts and factors that you need to know if you are willing to move to a Townhouse in Canada.

You must be wondering, “Is it a good time to buy a Townhouse!?” : Let’s find out:

The tumultuous year 2021 seems pretty much in the past now. With the struggles of the pandemic behind us, the major  real estate trends set by the past year so far include :

  • An increase in average prices of homes in Canada.
  • Re-location trend seen among Canadian home buyers
  • Move-up and move-over purchases driving demand in many parts of the Canadian housing market.

With the flow of events set in motion, Canada is anticipating healthy housing price growth in 2021.

According to RE/MAX real estate reports, In 2021, 52 percent of Canadians think real estate will continue to be one of the strongest investment opportunities. This suggests that there has never been a better time to invest in a house. When it comes to buying townhouses, the lack of maintenance standards, along with an increasing interest in the suburbs, has both first-time home buyers and empty-nesters looking closely towards investing in them. One of the several big real estate industry developments to watch in 2021 is the growing interest in townhouses.

In fact, as said by Randy Ryalls, general manager of Royal LePage Sterling Realty, “Right now, the demand is unusually active. Our brokerage had a record-breaking month in March. We are beginning to see an uptick in sales come in the industry. Hopefully, this trend will continue.”

All you need to know about buying a townhouse in Canada:

With the real estate status being underway and soaring at the moment, investing in a Townhouse in Canada is the perfect move! Without further ado, here are 4 simple categories you need to understand about buying townhouses in Canada:-

  1. Affordability:

Well, you can find very inexpensive detached homes as well as very pricey apartments, but townhouses usually come right in the middle of detached homes and condos in terms of average prices. In general, townhouses have more space than most apartments while not costing as much as a detached home, rendering them an excellent middle-ground choice for prospective first time home-buyers. Townhouses can be seen in places other than the suburbs in many ways, as they usually take up less overall square footage than a detached house, with buildings taking place in city centers across Canada. A townhouse is a fantastic choice to consider if you want a combination of size, place, and affordability.

  1. Townhouse maintenance fee:

The highly affordable townhouse maintenance fee is a major factor that makes it an economical option as compared to a detached home. One of the major perks that townhouse owners most mention is the low maintenance lifestyle that comes with buying a townhouse. Townhouse Maintenance fees are usually even smaller than in condos. This is due to the fact that you are not paying for concierge facilities, a posh lobby, or a spa. In Toronto, condo townhouse maintenance fees usually vary from $0.20 and $0.40 cents per square foot. Maintenance payments in Townhouses have an added perk. It can be seen as a compulsory investment scheme for when something goes wrong. In such cases, the respective corporation is responsible for fixtures and upgrades, rendering you stress-free!

  1. The ‘caution elements’ of buying a townhouse:

Fees and special evaluations are the two big costs to keep an eye out for when purchasing a townhouse, as they will easily add up. Condo or strata fees are annual fees that must be paid to cover repairs, facilities, and general upkeep. Remember that you actually get something in exchange for these payments. Although additional costs could seem to be a disadvantage, this does not have to be the case, particularly if you enjoy the lack of maintenance work and use some facilities on a regular basis. Special examinations can also be costly, as they can occur unexpectedly. We at Save Max can help you find the best townhouse.

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    Helpful tip- Check to see if every condo or strata you purchase into has a safe contingency fund, and read through strata records to see if any significant repairs are needed.

    1. Townhouse Market forecasts for 2021:

    Royal LePage recently released their 2021 demand outlook, which contained estimates for condominiums and traditional townhouses, as well as an aggregate estimation forecast for major Canadian cities. According to this accurate approximation for the townhouse industry, a constant influx of move-up buyers across Canadian cities can be observed. Royal LePage predicts a percentage growth in the townhouse sector. Some regions have reported a percentage growth as per the following:

    • Winnipeg: 4.75%
    • Greater Toronto Area: 5.75%
    • Regina: 2.75%
    • Edmonton: 1.5%
    • Calgary: 0.75%
    • Greater Vancouver: 9.0%

    Overall, townhouses in 2021 could draw a large number of buyers and help propel some of Canada’s hottest real estate markets even higher. Townhouses are an ideal option for new families and couples looking to downsize due to their lifestyle, space, and low maintenance requirements.

    So hurry and grab the opportunity of securing some of the best townhouse in Canada. You can visit Save Max – the most trusted and efficient online real estate agency, to ease your house-hunting quest!

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