Myths About Joining Save Max (Part-1)

***We hire Independent Realtor® s and also hire Team Partners***

Hello Friends,

As you all know that we have worked really hard on past decade to provide the best services to our clients and simultaneously we have developed a very successful team of Realtor® s where each Realtor® on an average is doing 25-30 transactions. We have emerged as a top brand in the Real Estate industry all across Ontario and there are more and more Realtor® s who wanted to join our platform to make themselves better in their business. But there are few myths which has been spread by the competition and I would rather say it’s lack of information and understanding to the Realtor® s about our system. I would like to clear some of the points so that more and more Realtor® s can join our platform and take advantage of our unique success model.

Myths About Joining Save Max (Part-1)

Few points I would like to clarify

  1. Save Max hires independent Realtor® s as well.

As an independent Realtor® you control your own business, your Advertisement, your picture on the sign boards, open house signs and all other promotional material. We still provide you top of the line in class and field training. You can also opt for an active mentorship facility which is available at our office.

  1. Commission Split:

As an independent Realtor® , you pay the regular split as it work with any other brokerage like 90/10 or 80/20

  1. No Desk Fees:

To make the life simple and easy, we don’t charge any desk fees and monthly charges so that you can focus on your business and pay when you earn.

  1. Unique Training Methods:

We have a full time trainer available at our office. First 3 months of joining you will be fully trained on all Basic requirement like paperwork, marketing your business, clients objection handling, open houses, lead generation, social media, print media ad designs and above all there is always an active mentor support to help you to close the deal .

  1. Paperless office and Latest Technology:

We are fully equipped with latest technology and can provide the best services to those agents who like to work from home. Our paperless office and latest technology helps you to conduct your business from any remote location and your commission chqs are also deposited directly to your accounts within 24 hours of closing the deal.

  1. Resale and New Development:

Save Max is the only platform which has strong presence in both fields Resale and Pre construction. We are on the platinum list of all the major builders not only across Ontario but in other provinces as well. You can learn and get full support in aspects, Resale and Pre construction.

At the end I would strongly recommend to all my Realtor®  friends not to rely on the information which someone else tells you, better you come and meet Save Max team leaders or Kamal Tomar (416 333 8747) to clarify any point or any information you need. We know best about our system not others so why not to get the information from the best source which you have available.

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Want to become an entrepreneur JOIN Save Max

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