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Save Max Challenges the Real Estate Industry to Do More – First Canadian Real Estate Company to pay Commission on the Same Day you Sign a Deal!

(Mississauga- December 16th, 2021) Save Max International Inc. (Save Max) is a Leading Canadian Real Estate Brand, having sold $7 billion in Real Estate, with 50+ Franchisee Locations and 600+ Realtors® all over Canada. Save Max has expanded its footprint in the International Market by already opening offices in India and plans to expand in 11 more countries in next 5 years.

Canadian Real Estate Company

Save Max has once again challenged the Real Estate industry by demonstrating its innovation by caring about those that provide customer service – its Realtors®. Starting January 1st, 2022, commissions for all resale transactions done by Realtors® under the Save Max umbrella, will be paid immediately upon signing- not when the deal is closed. This will allow agents to focus on growing their business rather than doing part-time jobs to sustain their daily expenses.

“Being a real estate agent, is a tough job” said Raman Dua, Founder & CEO of Save Max, “We want to provide our Realtors® the comfort, security and peace of mind that Save Max has their back every step of the way and can be assured that they will be paid instantly when the deal is written, so they don’t have to struggle for their day to day expenses when the deal has already been done but the closing is a few months away.

Save Max has already done work toward addressing the problems that exist in Real Estate, whether that problem belongs to the seller, buyer, or the Realtors®. While talking to the press Mr. Dua said, he encountered many Realtors® who want to join real estate full time, but they don’t have enough support to do so. Since the nature of the real estate business is such that even if you write a deal, it takes 3-4 months for that deal to close and another 2-3 weeks to get the commission released, Mr. Dua created a plan allow par -time Realtors® to commit the industry.

Save Max has always revolutionized the Real Estate through its industry changing ideas starting from “List Your House for $999” providing cost effective serving to the clients without compromising on the quality of service. Save Max also brought in a Unique Franchisee Model by which it facilitated Micro Entrepreneurship to real estate by Providing the Back Of ice Support, Deal Administration, and RECO audit that encourages small teams to open a Real Estate Brokerage. In January 2021 Save Max Introduced its Save Max Game Changer Model by offering Passive Income, Retirement Income and Next Generation Income to its realtors, which is again as a name suggest was and is a big Game Changer.

Just as it has done before Save Max is again set to disrupt the Real Estate Brokerage Business by setting a very high benchmarks for other companies to follow where Save Max will be giving commission on the spot to its as soon Realtors® as they sign the deal and submit the paperwork to the office and that too at 0% Interest.

“Creating success for others is a real success for me” continued Mr. Dua, “I understand the challenges of people starting out in the industry, as I have been there myself. I am committed to the real estate profession and its entrepreneurial spirit. We are more than a real estate company. We care about people. I challenge the rest of the brokerages and real estate companies in Canada to show that they care about their people and do whatever it takes to grow them personally, professionally, and financially. Making an impact is what I want to do for everyone, and this step will help the real estate industry grow.”

For further information, visit savemax.com or call 905-459-7900.

About Save Max Group of Companies

  • Since opening in 2010 has completed $7 Billion in transactional value with over 10000 transactions
  • Franchise Network of more than 50 offices in Canada and India with 600 Realtors® looking to expand further worldwide to US, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, China and beyond
  • Recently launched commercial division to support the diversity of its clients’ needs
  • Committed $2.5 million to Trillium Health Partners demonstrating its broader benefit and love for the community by being more than just a real estate company but leaders that care
  • Save Max sponsored the Naming Rights to the former Brampton Soccer Centre now known as the Save Max Sports Centre taking responsibility for its upkeep and maintenance
  • Raised funds for Front Line workers through COVID through various fundraising initiatives and donated to William Osler Health & Trillium Health Foundation.

Media Contacts

Loveleen Dhiman

Director-Marketing,           905-459-7900 Ext 122    loveleen@savemax.com

Tony Genco

Public Relations Manager, 905-459-7900 Ext 141   tony.genco@savemax.ca

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