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Most Important Question for a REALTOR®

If you are a REALTOR® what is your biggest challenge in the morning?

In majority cases, especially if you are new in the profession, the first question that comes to mind is “What should I do today?” As a new REALTOR®, it really becomes challenging to answer the question by itself and you need a mentor who can guide you in the right direction and steer you for the first few months at least. You need a mentor who understands the real challenges in the market, not the one who has just learned everything with scripts. Learning script and applying the same script to all the situations is like treating all the diseases with just one medicine which might be killing. Real Estate is all about situational circumstances and every single lead is a new situation. You can be successful only with a practical approach rather than a theoretical approach.

We have done an extensive research and after talking to hundreds of new REALTORS®, we tried to understand the biggest road blocks in the success of their career path. It’s really important to have a customized training program for various levels of REALTORS®. I will simplify it with a very common example; let’s say your kid’s school tells you that they have the same syllabus for all the students from grade 1-10. How would you feel and would you send your kid to the same school? If no, how do we convince ourselves to join a brokerage which has the same level of training for all level of REALTORS®. I got a chance to speak to a REALTOR® who recently came for an interview to join us. During the interview process, he shared with me that he was very disappointed and this is his last attempt to stay in the profession. The individual was really smart, knowledgeable and a perfect material for the profession. His disappointment kept growing as every time he got a lead, he didn’t know what to do and when he approached his broker, he just didn’t have enough time to accompany him and meet those potential clients. He tried on his own and because of his inexperience; he couldn’t successfully convert them into business. If there would have been a mentor to coach him and help him for his day to day business activities for at least 6 months, his confidence would have been different. He could have built up his business on the small success stories and converted more leads into business.

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Now the million dollar question arises, “How we should overcome this problem of the first question that arises in the morning, “What should I do?”  To answer this, we at Save Max have created a full proof system which guides our REALTORS® step by step for their daily activity from morning until evening. We provide you a mentor to guide throughout and track your performance and above all give you the constructive feedback to ensure your growth. We have created a “SELF REALIZATION PROGRAMME “for new entrants and those who want to restart their career after many unsuccessful attempts. I have a firm belief that if you follow our system, there is no reason of not being successful.

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