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Pay Less Get More Franchise Model

For those who may not know me, I would like to start with a brief background and mention my credentials so that readers can judge if I am qualified enough to put my thoughts and suggestions for REALTORS®.

  • 12 years in Real Estate Industry, completed more than 5,000 transactions
  • Started with a team of 2 REALTORS® and expanded to 80
  • Successfully designed a new model for the Real Estate industry based on active mentor-ship
  • Successfully created 4 teams and converted them into a franchise model
  • Presently managing Save Max Real Estate Inc Brokerage, which has emerged as one of the top brands in the GTA with almost $500 Million Dollars of annual sales volume
  • A strong team of 80+ REALTORS® under Save Max flagship
  • 4 active franchises
  • Realized my own and others’ dreams of entrepreneurship by breaking the jinx of Flat Model Real Estate industry
  • Managing Partner in Newgen Realty Experts with Real Estate Stalwart Mr. P. K. Sabharwal Sold maximum number of houses in Brampton from 2012-2018 and maintained #1 Realtor rank in the city

I am confident that with such experience and credentials, the readers will consider me qualified enough to talk about Real Estate Industry, and share my thoughts and suggestions with REALTORS®.

After more than a decade experience and working actively in the market, I have recognized, at many stages, various roadblocks and challenges in the industry, and introduced many new formulas that worked really well for consumers as well as REALTORS®. That’s why people, especially the REALTOR® fraternity, call me “Market Disrupter” and “The Deal Closer”. I really love these two tags on my name because these make me feel proud of my contribution to my profession, and I am confident that my profession feels the same way about me.

After realizing the biggest roadblock and challenge in the Real Estate industry’s flat model system where only 2 levels existed – the REALTOR® and the Brokerage, I started working on an altogether different concept based on Hierarchy Model and active mentorship. In a traditional Brokerage, the success rate of REALTORS® has typically been only 10%, which is quite evident from TREB data. In 2018, More than 83% (43,218) REALTORS® completed 5 or fewer transactions, out of which more than 37% (20,000) completed none. Save Max has created such a Hierarchy model and provided mentor-ship, where every singleREALTORS® works in the field with a successful REALTORS® who acts as their mentor. This revolutionary model has made more than 90% of Save Max REALTORS® successful and has created a new dimension in the Real Estate Industry. This took a lot of time, brainstorming, new formulas of income distribution, and much more. It continuously refined over time and has proved to be such a big success that many others who have been in the business for several decades are now attempting to follow this model. This new Hierarchy model has changed the thought process of the Real Estate industry.

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Now in continuation and extension to this, Save Max has introduced an innovative franchise model “Pay Less Get More”, which is a progressive yet very cost-effective structure for REALTORS® and is designed to help fulfill their dream of entrepreneurship.REALTORS® will be paying fewer fees as compared to their regular split with the traditional Brokerage and will have more ‘take home’ dollars. The extra money can be well utilized in business expansion and active marketing. We are introducing 3 levels of a franchise system with separate pieces of training tailored for each level.

  • Single REALTORS® Franchise
  • Team Franchise (2-5 Realtors)
  • Office Franchise (5 or more Realtors)

All three models are designed in a way that can perfectly fulfill the needs of any scale of business.

Single REALTORS® Franchise model is perfect for those who want to save taxes and incorporate their business. This is designed to overcome the biggest challenge of the industry where REALTORS® can’t incorporate their business and many don’t want to go through the day-to-day challenges of managing a Brokerage. This model helps them to incorporate without taking the stress of day to day Brokerage operations as everything is handled by the well-versed and professional team at Save Max head office. It gives an opportunity to use the saved tax dollars efficiently and use them towards business expansion through active marketing.

The second model, which is Team Franchise, is ideal for those who have an aspiration to grow their business and can effectively handle a small team. After gaining some experience over time, this model can be converted into an Office Franchise model. The entrepreneurs who adopt this model will be fully trained and get a high level of mentorship from one of our most experienced Executives who has successfully worked on building such teams.

The Office Franchise model is suitable for those who are well versed with the business world and want to take their businesses to higher levels. We have designed a very special training program which is well crafted keeping in mind the stature and growth of the business. This model is running under the direct supervision of Raman Dua and we make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to working on the success of individuals

Simultaneously, we have created three different levels of training for individual REALTORS® as well, keeping in mind the special need and requirements at different levels of their businesses. The same training model is being shared with all our franchise networks, as we believe in the success formula of “Together We Grow”. First level training, called as “Self Realization of Real Estate” is a well thought and custom-designed course for those new REALTORS® who have just started their Real Estate career, and want to learn the basics of Real Estate. The second level of training is for those who have successfully achieved $20 Million in sales volume. Their needs are different and they will be trained to achieve the next level and will be groomed to become team leaders. The third one is “Expert Level Training” for those who are ready to join the bandwagon for Executive level, and are capable of and willing to join as entrepreneurs.

This new innovative model will certainly become revolutionary in the Real Estate industry. Most of the time we keep waiting to join to measure the outcome of any new idea and end up missing the right time. We encourage you to realize that Now is the right time!

For any further information and queries about our innovative franchise model and realize your dream of entrepreneurship, please contact Kamal Tomar (Manager Franchise Operations). He can be reached at 416 333 8747 or email [email protected]

  • Want to become REALTOR®, Join any Brokerage
  • Want to become Entrepreneur, JOIN Save Max

All the data mentioned in this article has been taken from various sources like TREB, RE stats and Save Max internal Data. The trademarks REALTOR®, REALTORS®, and the REALTOR® logo are controlled by CREA and identify Real Estate professionals who are members of CREA.

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