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Job Duties of a Realtor®

I have been doing an extensive research on this topic and asked the same question from Hundreds of agents. Before you read further, stop yourself for a few minutes and answer to yourself or write down on a piece of paper the answer to this simple

question which is given below:

“As per your understanding what are the job duties of a Realtor®?”

If you answered, Realtor® job duties are primarily buying, selling and leasing the properties for their clients, you have answered the question in the same way, what many of the Realtors® might do.

Now let’s take our thinking backward and start analyzing how we will buy, sell or lease the properties until and unless we don’t have clients. To get the clients, we have to do something which most of the time people don’t do. The moment someone gets the real estate license, they start thinking business will automatically flow in and we won’t have to put in much effort. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; we have to do a lot of activities for prospecting to get the client which actually is the basic and core job duty of a Realtor®. Majority of the times, the challenge comes when Realtor® doesn’t know how to do the prospecting especially when they are new. There is no one in their brokerage to guide them on how to do step-by-step prospecting. The Broker of Record is not at all available for their hand-holding and other Realtors® being their competitors don’t feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and way of generating business. Majority Realtors® start getting frustrated in the first few months of their career and decide to quit the business or consider this as a part-time profession.

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I realized this major challenge of the Real Estate Industry and have come up with a very innovative idea and special training system which hand holds the new agent for first 6 months and guides them step-by-step about the activities which need to be done to generate the business. Not only that, our system provides a mentor who accompanies each and every individual to make sure they are able to convert leads into business. With our experience, I can assure if someone is hardworking and follows our system thoroughly, you can get guaranteed success.

To know more about our “Self Realization Training System “for new Realtors®, you can get in touch with us by calling 905.459.7900 or visit https://savemax.com/get-a-franchise.

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