Save Max Helps Students and New Immigrants Settle in Canada

Looking forward to starting your new life in Canada? Immigration to Canada can be a very difficult experience without a helping hand. An in-depth understanding of Canada and the Canadian way of life can be a BIG advantage to a new Immigrant. A friendly guide to support you when you first land in Canada and for the next few weeks can be a real lifesaver.

Save Max offers an Innovative Toolkit that is uniquely designed to cater to help through this challenging new phase.



Bank Services

Driving Licence

Immigration Status

Other Services


Find the perfect place to call home. With our regularly updated demographics, market info, and property listings, we will present you with options and guide you to make the right choice. A shared housing close to your educational institute, an independent apartment near your workplace, rentals in child-friendly neighbourhoods, or investing in a house - finding the right accommodation that fits your needs is our forte.


Connect with the support you need to enter or return to the workforce with confidence. We equip you with the tools and methods you may need to achieve and succeed in your career.

Bank Services

We help connect you to banking institutions to aid you with your banking and financial needs.

Driving License

Assistance with information on the requisite documents and the process for obtaining a Canadian Provincial Driving License.

Immigration Status

Guidance on the statutory requirements for maintaining your Permanent Residence status, eligibility requirements for acquiring Canadian Citizenship, inviting or sponsoring your family members to Canada, and Work Permit applications for international students.

Other Services

Orientation Services to help new immigrants to Canada. In addition, to aid with applications for Social Insurance Number and Provincial Health Card, we also help you apply for benefits such as Canada Child Benefit, GST/HST Tax Credit, Trillium Drug benefit, etc.

Save Max offers 3 Comprehensive Packages
for New Immigrants to choose from

Silver Package
$ 600.00*

  • What can you expect in Canada – Pre-arrival Orientation Services.
  • Airport pick up and drop to your local Canada address.
  • Life in Canada – Post-arrival Orientation sessions, with food provided.
  • Familiarisation with local neighbourhoods and public modes of transport.
  • Applying for Social Insurance Number, with personal guidance.
  • Continued support to ensure a smooth transition to life in Canada.

This package does not include any accommodation services.

GOLD package
$ 700.00*

In addition to the services offered in the Silver Package, this package includes:

  • Assistance with opening a Bank Account and getting a Credit Card.
  • Aid with obtaining a Canadian mobile connection.
  • Getting an Ontario ID or a G1 Driving License.
  • Provincial Health Card Application and membership at the local library.

At an additional nominal cost, furnished accommodation (Shared), with Free Wi-Fi will be provided, for up to a maximum of 45 days. This cost includes 2 meals/day for the first 2 days.

PLATINUM package
$ 750.00*

In addition to the services offered in the Gold Package, this package includes:

  • Applying for eligible Canadian Government Benefits for Immigrants.
  • Assistance with temporary jobs and search for employment.
  • Assistance with school admissions for children.
  • Referrals to the local Food Bank and Furniture Bank.
  • Assistance with finding rental accommodation.

* These are special Introductory prices and are subject to change without prior notice.


No, Save Max is not an Immigration Agency.
Save Max offers you guidance and aid with the process of Immigrating to Canada for higher education, and/or Permanent Residency.
Processing times for a visa can vary, depending on the type of visa you have applied for, and the pending caseload at the Canadian Visa Office. Once you think of immigration, it is always best to contact us as soon as possible.
Yes, we provide you with comprehensive information about the documents you need to carry with you to Canada. We also provide Orientation Services on Life in Canada for New Immigrants and will teach you about what to expect in the initial days of your immigration.
Save Max will provide you with correct, up-to-date information about different universities and colleges across Canada. We will also guide you on future employment trends and help you decide what courses to take for better career opportunities.

Save Max helps new students and immigrants to settle in Canada.

We make you feel at home in Canada.