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Top 4 Canadian Cities For Independent Women In 2021

When it comes to Solo Living, Canada is one of the safest countries. The concept of living alone is quite popular in Canada, and many aspects of Canadian society have transformed, especially the housing market. The growing demand for individual living quarters is expanding. Though equal opportunities are there for men and women, gender inequality is still an issue in Canada. When it comes to payments, jobs, and safety, men and women do not get equal treatment.

Today, many women live independently in Canada, and they need the best place to stay. A report by CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) has given some numbers on account of best and worst Canadian cities for women. As per the reports, the top 4 cities in Canada that are safe for independent women are as follows:

  1. Vancouver – Vancouver is by and large considered as the city for women. It is top on real estate listings, and the best part is, independent women, don’t have to pay the penalty for motherhood. There are enough childcare facilities available in the city. In recent times, violence against women has decreased, making it one of the best cities for independent women in Canada. The city has many private and government organizations, and the workforce has been a considerable number of women in Vancouver. The ratio is less in comparison to that of men if it is split sector-wise; women are just 37% at the senior management while 63% are men. The measures have been taken, and not many cases of exploitation have been reported in recent years.
  2. Montreal – Women who want to live their life to the fullest, Montreal is amazing. You can also find detached homes for sale to live comfortably and safety is not an issue here. Most of the festivals and activities happen during summers. The best part about the city is that the people of Montreal treat each other very well. Women may not enjoy equal pay, but unlike Vancouver, the number of independent women has grown here exponentially in the last few years. Montreal is known for its nightlife, and women can roam at odd hours in the city without any fear. The City is lively and independent women in Montreal will not face any challenges usually as the crime rate against women is quite low here.
  3. Toronto – For single women, Toronto is the best. Many independent women stay in the city, and an apartment of 2 rooms will cost you around $1200 to $1500 per month. Toronto can be termed as the safest city of Canada for independent women. Being the financial hub of Canada, opportunities are highest in Toronto among Canadian cities. Toronto is a city worth falling in love with as Toronto doesn’t have extreme weather like other cities in Canada.
  4. Ottawa – Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is also one of the safest cities for independent women. Being the political capital of the country, the city is fully secured, and finding a house for sale here is a better investment decision. Most of the areas have surveillance cameras installed. It’s tough to escape the crime in the city, and after knowing this criminals have either stopped such activities or they have left the city. The rent on average is quite low in Ottawa in comparison with the top 3 cities. There are few suburbs of the city that need to be avoided for staying safe.

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    Toronto is the financial hub of Canada and you can get a job in any sector. The city is expensive and happening but for renting a house or buying a property in GTA you will find it affordable. In Montreal, taxes are high, and housing is affordable. Winters are very chilly, and job opportunities are also less as compared to Toronto. Vancouver, a beautiful city with lakes and mountains, offers many job opportunities in the financial sector. For average rent, decent job opportunities, and moderate weather conditions, Ottawa is the best.

    If job prospects don’t matter, women can stay anywhere in Canada. Apart from the above-mentioned cities, some other cities can be considered for a safe stay as well. Cities like Quebec City, Victoria, and Edmonton are also best to move. Mostly, Canada is safe, but there can be rough elements. You can filter your search based on employment, type, crime, weather, tax rates, and much more to choose your perfect city to stay.

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