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Selling Your Caledon Townhouse The Right Way

It takes time and effort to sell a townhouse successfully. A townhouse is a dwelling having one or more shared walls with other townhouse units in the neighborhood. A townhouse apartment is often sold traditionally, but due to a homeowner’s association and the proximity to the other townhouse apartments, extra work on the seller’s part may be required.Here, we have gathered some points that will help you sell your Townhouse in the Caledon region of Canada. Let’s explore the basics!

Is it the right time to sell your Townhouse?

Caledon has a median property price of $957,394, according to recent research and calculations. In May 2021, monthly statistics state that the most popular listing in Caledon is a three-bedroom home, which is less than the province’s most popular offering of three bedrooms. According to statistics, this neighborhood ranks 156th regarding the number of homes available to investors across the country, putting it in the top ten.

There are hundreds of possible communities to invest in Ontario, and there is a lot of data to pore through to help you narrow down your choice. There are fewer townhouses for sale in Caledon now than there were three months ago (if you’re looking for an investment property.) Fortunately, this indicates that housing prices will influence the market to become a seller’s market. This means, selling your Townhouse in Caledon in the current flow of events can be rather fruitful!

Townhouse for sale in Canada

1. How to market a Townhouse:

When selling a townhouse, it’s critical for brokers to discuss its features. Nearby parks, tennis courts, swimming pools, abundant parking stalls, zero upkeep, security, and other elements that appeal to people should be well highlighted. These aren’t likely to come up in a detached house sale because most communities don’t offer exclusive private pools or even fitness centers for their residents. Compared to other types of homes, since Townhouses come with more amenities, advertising them well shall work to your benefit and set you up for more profit. 

Helpful Tip: Make sure to promote the distinctive features of your unit.

If your unit has a little extra yard, a patio, or a nice view, ensure those features are highlighted in the listing photos and throughout buyer talks. Justin Willard, a top-selling Ontario-based real estate agent, shares his experience with selling units. “We’re making sure all the windows are open to bringing the light in from outside,” says Willard. “We want the homes to feel as light, bright, and airy as entirely possible.”

2. Declutter and upstage to yield maximum attention:

Remove all junk from the Townhouse’s interior. To give your Townhouse a more open and larger sense in the eyes of potential buyers, move furniture about or out of the apartment. Clean your Townhouse’s exterior, especially the exterior walls. If your exterior is deteriorating, peeling, or damaged, contact your HOA for a cosmetic touch-up, if applicable. If the outer walls are your responsibility and not the association’s, you can fix them up yourself. Clean and spruce up your yard areas, both back and front, if necessary. Make sure that any landscaping is in order. Get rid of any junk in your backyard and front yard. To a potential buyer, clutter will make your yard areas appear smaller.

3. Maintenance and HOA fee: keep tabs and keep all information out there!

“With townhomes, we’re selling a lifestyle,” says Willard. HOA costs should not be kept a secret; purchasers looking for a townhouse will expect them and want to know how they fluctuate year to year. Make all of this information easily accessible, but always emphasize the good aspects of the HOA. Here’s is what you can do to ensure you don’t miss out on disclosing the details:

  • Make a list of your selling price range. 

Look through the homeowner’s association’s sales list for recent sales prices for units identical to yours in the region. Overpricing your property will turn off potential purchasers. If your association does not have a list, ask your real estate agent about recent house selling prices.

  • Once your home is ready for showings, contact your real estate agent. 

Give the agent a price range and a beginning price that you’re looking for. Some agents will take images of the inside and outside of your home for the real estate listing. Before the realtor arrives to take photos, walk through your property again and check your yard areas for debris and faults. This will ensure that your house is ready for the views!

Helpful tip: If you’re eager to sell but aren’t receiving bids due to the weak market, you can sweeten the deal for purchasers by paying for their first year of maintenance fees.

Once you’ve found a buyer, It’s all easy from there! 

When you agree on a reasonable price, you are ready to go through with the deal. However, don’t get too excited and fail to provide your buyers with the required documentation (rules, regulations, etc.) as soon as feasible. If you don’t give these by a specified deadline, they may withdraw their offer, keeping you stuck in your property for much longer. 
Now that you have all this information, you should be ready to hire an agent and put your Townhouse on the market. Savemax, the most trusted real estate website, observes a lot of traffic of individuals willing to invest in Townhouse for sale in Caledon. With Save Max, you can sell your Townhouse in no time! Visit the Save Max and begin your selling venture instantly! 

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