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How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Selling your house for top dollar is a dream for many and this may seem like a daunting task. Contrary to this belief, selling your house is not an overly complex activity. Selling your house at the stipulated timeframe and price is possible provided you take the help of realtors. Get in touch with our experienced agents at https://savemax.com/, and they can guide you well on how to sell your house for top dollar.

The basics of getting a good price for a home for sale do not change regardless of the type of property, whether they are townhouses, condos, detached houses, or semi-detached houses. The market changes also don’t matter here because the principles will be the same for a house for sale.  Moreover, when the property is listed, during the first few weeks there are more chances of selling your house for the best price rather than after some weeks.

You should price the townhouses, detached houses, semi-detached houses, condos, etc. competitively to attract buyers and must not leave money on the table. Listing your house can seem like a stressful activity but here are a few smart ways to sell your house for top dollar

1. Do not talk about your house unnecessarily: You may have heard the term house proud. It refers to those people who love their home immensely and make sure their place looks most appealing. Talking about your home in an exaggerated way has its own disadvantages. You may skip seeking the right market value of your property and may end up overpricing your home.

Prior to listing your property, you have to do extensive research. To eliminate this headache you should find a realtor with expertise in your area, like the realtors at https://savemax.com/ who have a deep understanding of properties and area. The market dynamics are different for places in Mississauga and Richmond and each city has its own market cycles. Therefore, when you list ‘house for sale Mississauga’, it has to be synchronized with the market cycle. The realtor will guide you through the process and explain the specific price list existence for your home. They have a better understanding of the local market and competition, and as they are looking to earn money as well, their priority will always be to sell your home for top dollar.

If you take the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) path, finding the best price for your home can be a strenuous experience. Look at the recent listings in your area and check the actual sale price for any house for sale in your community and complex. If there is a sale, then compare the criteria of that home to what your home offers. Looking at market information objectively and learning how buyers evaluate the neighbourhood is essential to know what amenities you should provide. For example, some buyers may want a kitchen garden, swimming pool, or garage. If your property has such attractive features to offer buyers, listing your property at slightly higher prices can be fine. However, if your home for sale Mississauga listing does not feature such amenities, reducing the list price will be wise.

Brainstorm the selling strategy as much as possible. Some buyers price the home aggressively and for multiple bids, they list a home for a low price, but this strategy works only if the realtor and seller are looking for multiple bids. It can help you earn top dollar but keep in mind that overpricing a property can turn away the best buyers. Always price the property competitively.

2. Do not overlook regular maintenance: Buyers are attracted to well-maintained properties that are ready to move in. As far as possible, complete all maintenance work before listing your property. Property purchase is a major decision and most buyers ask for a home inspection. They may also take expert opinions from their agent before the property purchase.

Property inspection is done by a professional who reviews all aspects of the home carefully. Do not hide damages or repairs else you may have to cover up a latent defect later in court. Being forthright with any issues in the property will save you from unnecessary trouble. If there are major repairs, the buyer may ask you to fix this before the price is finalized or they may open negotiations. The sale price for the home for sale will be affected, so it is best to repair and replace the house components before showing the home to buyers.

Stained carpets, bug infestations, dripping toilets and faucets, light fixtures, plumbing problems, cracked and dirty windows, peeling paint on the exterior and interior walls, stains on the ceiling, roof, and any leakage issues should all be dealt with professionally.

If you aim at selling your property for top dollar, with fewer concerns or problems with the house for sale, prices can be more profitable. It will easily appeal to the buyers and hence you can get a high sale price.

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    3. Fill the overall property report with beautiful pictures: A buyer located miles away may be attracted to your property if you post attractive pictures. About 90% of property buyers search for townhouses, detached houses, semi-detached houses, condos, apartments, etc. in their preferred area online. The most popular listing websites use professional photos of listings for a house for sale Ontario, Mississauga, Caledon, Toronto, etc. The property appeals to the buyers if they can visualise the home and their life in the property and neighbourhood.

    Take the photos in natural daylight and post them with the necessary information so the buyers can take a tour of the property and make up their minds to purchase the property. An unbiased viewpoint from neighbors or friends can be rewarding here as they may highlight issues that you should fix. A relevant listing with appealing photos will showcase the best areas of the property and downplay the flaws. You can hire a professional instead of doing it yourself but make sure that you manage your time and energy on this important part of selling your home.

    4. Keep emotions away: Once you have decided to list home for sale Caledon, Toronto, or any other city, treat it only as an investment and reduce personal feelings. Any family photos, religious material artwork, etc. should be removed from the property that is personalized to your lifestyle.

    It shouldn’t reflect your personality so strongly that buyers can not visualize the house as per their desire. Staging may be required here as professionally staged homes sell quickly. As per research by the U.S.-based Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), on average, a staged home sells in 23 days as against unstaged homes that sit on the market for 143days or upwards.

    The decision of the buyer will depend on the appeal of the home that is being staged. A vacant house may not seem welcoming and homes with up-to-date decor may look better than de-cluttered homes. You need to set your budget for staging as a simple walk-through estimate is about $5000. A complete makeover of the property will cost 1% of the purchase price of the property and this is the per month price for staging. It can seem expensive but this is an effective marketing tactic and can substantially help you in closing the deal.

    If you know someone with good design skills and you do not want to spend on professional staging, you can hire them. Otherwise, speak to the realtors at https://savemax.com/ for staging your home and take their inputs. De-clutter your home, clean the windows, roof, and floors, and turn on the lights when buyers visit your property. A well-lit and clean house makes an amazing first impression.


    Listing a house for sale Caledon, Toronto, or any other region takes time and strategy to get top dollar. It requires proper planning and careful execution. Taking the help of an experienced realtor at https://savemax.com/   can be beneficial to sell your property quickly. Our realtors can help streamline the selling process and guide you thoroughly on what needs to be done for the best offers.

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