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From Part Time to Full Time Realtor®

I think this topic is Real life situation of 90% of the Real Estate industry. There are thousands of Realtors® who joined this profession with a dream in their eyes to become successful. They had to start their career as part timer and doing a side job to run their day to day family affairs. I can understand how hard it is in this country to meet daily needs like mortgage /rent, car expenses, insurance, groceries, kid’s expenses and so on. It becomes more challenging when someone is the alone bread earner of the family. It becomes so hard to make a decision to join full time as it takes some time to settle down and start business in Real Estate.

The first thing which we think in our mind, once I will have some business, I will join full time. Let me make 50-60 K first and then I will leave my job. We tell ourselves, let me good some business and I will come full time. Our business reply us, you come full time and I will be there as well. In the same struggle, we join as part timer and the best beauty is, many brokerages encourage you to join part time. Did you ever think why? That is their business model. They just want to hire no’s as it makes money for them. They are not concerned about your career , they are just worried about having no’s so that either they can charge you $100-$200 fees or can increase their valuation to sell with no of agents to some other big companies which you might know there are many examples like that.

If you are joining the profession and your brokerage didn’t encourage you to join full time, you better think twice.

While reading this article, you will easily correlate yourself with what I have mentioned. Are you the one who is still struggling to make up a decision to upgrade yourself from a part timer to full timer? Just imagine when you joined , didn’t you think you will come full time in 3-6 months or may be 1 year. But what happened, you are still a part timer after 2-3 or even more years. Did you ever realize the basic reason for that? You might be blaming yourself for the situation but that’s not the real truth, the fact is there was no one to guide you, to push you and to coach you about your successful transition from part time to full time.

I personally have mentored 100s of agents who came to me and wanted to start their career as part timer. After meeting with them, majority joined as full timer and rest were full time within 3 months and all of them are very successful in their career today. I feel proud when I look back at the time when they came to me to join the profession; their aspiration was just to replace their existing income of 50-60 K but all of them making 6 fig net income and few of them even touching 7 figures successfully. Not only that they have build a system for them which is helping them to get passive income which will keep working for them for their whole life. That’s what I think is the real success.

We have a well proven formula for a successful transition from part time to full time career in Real Estate and I am happily willing to share the same with any of the Realtor® in the industry. Please send me a personal message and it will be my pleasure to help you. I promise if you religiously follow my advice, you will be one of the most successful Realtor® in the industry. We guarantee success 100% (except for negative people).

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