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A Peek into the Most Expensive Houses in Regina


Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, located on the banks of the serene Wascana Creek in the Canadian Prairies. One of Canada’s fastest-growing significant cities, it is a vibrant place with a rich heritage.

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Regina is Saskatchewan’s second biggest city, with a population of 226,404, per the 2021 Census Profile for Regina Census Subdivision.

Origin of its Name

Regina started life as a hunters’ camp. Indigenous people would hunt bison and stack the long bison bones into large piles to honor the animals’ spirit. They named the area Oskana ka-asastēki, meaning “bone piles” or “Pile of Bones.”

As the settlement grew, it was called Wascana (from its First Nations name, Oskana). Later renamed Regina, meaning Queen in Latin (referring to Queen Victoria, the British Monarch at the time), the city was chosen to be the capital when Saskatchewan became a province.

The Local Economy

Regina fares well in the list of Canadian cities with the most robust economies and the lowest unemployment rates, with a ranking of 7 In terms of GDP.

With recent investments in Saskatchewan’s natural resources (oil and gas, potash, and others), related economic sectors have begun to show steady growth. 

Job Opportunities

There are increasing job opportunities in Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Finance and Insurance, Agribusiness, and Agriculture.

Regina is also home to the only training center in Canada for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Accommodation in Regina

Lower Living Costs

Regina offers more affordable real estate than other large Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. With a strong economy, low taxes, and reasonable living costs, there are enough opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Family Friendly Neighbourhoods

Mid-sized Regina is a great place to raise a family, with many parks, recreation facilities, museums, and cultural centers. There are multiple options for outdoor activities with the many athletic fields, playgrounds, and picnic sites all over the city.

Photo by Tanu Nanda Prabhu on Unsplash

Affordable Real Estate 

According to the Saskatchewan Realtors Association, the benchmark price reached $328,200 in May 2022, four percent higher than last year, which is a good sign.

The price growth has been driven primarily by the single-family housing market. Economic growth and the growing employment market have boosted demand in the real estate market.

If you are on the search for a house in Regina, engage the services of a reliable Realtor. Even the most expensive home in Regina will cost less per square foot than in other Canadian cities.

A Luxury Home in Regina

Luxury Properties

Luxury properties are usually family homes, sometimes used for a holiday retreat. These homes offer outdoor landscaping, patios and terraces, and luxurious features. Some of them are mansions with amped-up living space, an abundance of bedrooms and bathrooms, tennis courts and theatre rooms.

Elegant grey stone house with white trim and blue roof at dusk in summer, Quebec, Canada - Envato Elements

Regina has many luxury homes for sale, with some of the most expensive house listings seen in and around Wascana View.  However, they are still cheaper per square foot than properties in many other Canadian cities while offering comparable luxurious features.

The Most Expensive Homes at a Lower Price

Buyers or investors looking for the most expensive homes in Regina with five bedrooms and four bathrooms do not need to search beyond the expensive house listings. 

A five-bathroom home with four bedrooms with luxury features such as an elegant living space with a high-end hardwood floor and a gas fireplace, walnut accents, nine-foot ceilings, etc., will still be less expensive than a condo on Bloor Street East in Toronto. 

What Would You Pay for the Most Expensive Home in Regina?

The most expensive house in Regina would set you back by about $ 2 million, though a few uber-luxurious expensive homes may cost more per square foot.

A property investor looking for the most expensive home in Regina, maybe a house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, will spend a couple of million. However, he is assured of a lower cost per square foot as Saskatchewan’s real estate is very affordable.

So, serious buyers should have no issue signing on the dotted line. 

Some of Regina’s Most Expensive Homes

And now, let’s take a peek at some of the most expensive homes in Regina.

8103 Wascana Gardens Drive, Wascana View

This picture-perfect 3,500-square-foot house is located next to a nature reserve, with a small stream meandering in the background. The view is one of the most stunning features of this property, which can be yours for $1,849,000.

Source: Realtor.ca

The main floor has a gourmet kitchen with a vast island, high-end cabinets, and built-in appliances. The dining room leads to the living area, tastefully done with a hardwood floor, vaulted ceilings, and a fireplace.

This expensive home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with details such as double walk-in closets, separate vanities, and a marble-tiled shower in the master suite.Source: Realtor.ca

The backyard has a pristine pool, a stone patio, and a custom-built pool house.

2262 Wascana Greens

Next on the list, this expensive home has a 7,200 square foot living space for $2,390,000.

The main floor has high-end finishes and details such as arched stained-glass doors, and a hand-carved hood vent in the state-of-the-art kitchen.

Source: Realtor.ca

Located on a serene bay, this family home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, two large dining areas, a music room, an executive office, and a library. The master bedroom suite has an attached gym, fireplace, and private deck.

8021 Wascana Gardens Crescent 

Another one of  Regina’s expensive homes, this 3,660 square foot home, listed at a price of $1,849,000, is also located in Wascana View. 

Source: Realtor.ca

It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms and features stunning curved staircases, 20-foot ceilings in the living room, a spacious kitchen, and a theatre room in its basement.

2168 Riverbend CV 

This home is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and has a stunning open concept living space with large windows overlooking a small lake located behind the house. This Regina home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, with a fascinating man cave in the garage.

Source: Realtor.ca

The massive kitchen features a butler’s pantry and custom cabinetry, with a sizeable walk-through mud room connecting to a 4-car attached garage. The ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom provides a spa-like retreat, with a custom steam shower, free-standing hot tub, and heated floors.

Source: Realtor.ca

An expansive wet bar and games area, a living room with a gas fireplace – all these amenities and more were sold at a price of $1,780,000.

Summing Up

As the latest national stories focus on rising interest rates and the email notifications in your inbox give you a jolt, take a closer look at Regina. 

A sign of a change in urban demographics, this vibrant place offers affordable living costs and housing, burgeoning job opportunities, and a family-friendly lifestyle.

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