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“Team Team Team , Even Single Person is a Team“

Now a day’s everywhere, all across GTA Real Estate, you will see everyone is promoting as a team. It seems like there is a storm of teams rushing from everywhere to prove its worth. I personally feel that competition is always good but sometime people just start following a trend without understanding their own skill set and capabilities. I fully respect those who have zeal to grow and have capabilities to prove themselves. I also understand and believe that real success is making others successful. But without understanding my own skill set and capabilities, if I will try to do something which others are doing, will definitely be a blunder not only for myself but for my profession as well. Unknowingly I will create a mess for myself and others.

I will share an interesting story with you which recently happened to me when I was talking to one of a productive Realtor in Alberta about our franchise system. He bombarded me with his questions and most interesting question was, Why should I take Save Max franchise where as I am working with a brand which has more than 100 thousand Realtors network. I was very impressed with his question and answered him with a question. I asked him, after working more than a decade with some brand, how confidently you can send one of your clients to your counterpart in Toronto, who is working under the same brand.

I am sure you can very well guess his answer and he said, he can’t. The simple reason behind that is there is no one who is inspiring and cultivating a team culture there. They are being grown in an internal competition culture and there is no team structure in place which can become a guideline for them to do business together as a team. Just look around in your brokerage and see how confidently you can share one of your client’s information with someone else who is working in same office. How sure you are that you will get the right solution to any of your problem from your senior colleagues. I am sure you will have the answer, and if you don’t have, then I dare you to try as an experiment and you will have the answer soon.

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Now comes the biggest question what makes an effective team and how team can help you to be successful in your life as a professional. Just because I have done good business doesn’t qualify me to become a good leader to lead the team. But for sure that is one of the important criteria, as I personally believe that if you are successful yourself, then it’s easier to help others to be successful. But it’s not necessary that a good salesperson can be a good manager too and vice versa. I always say, team is what a team leader is. The most important characteristic of a team is the spirit among team members and it’s very hard to find or I would say, it takes a lot of hell to gather such people who have that spirit. Majority I have seen that even team leader doesn’t show that spirit, then how can he/she inculcate the same in team members.

Then comes the vision of the leader to grow other team members. Would you like to choose a leader who himself is a follower and doing the activities just by following others. There is a lack of originality of ideas and initiatives. Having a leader who himself is a follower makes you the part of a group not a team.

Before you decide to become part of any team , look at the track record and see how many team members have grown to the next level under the table leadership of team leader or if the team is there for name sake without any team spirit.

I come across a little funny situation when I see people promoting team with their spouse and the real fact is spouse is not even an active Realtor. Then what’s the fun of promoting a team and it’s just for the name sake or satisfying personal desire to make ourselves happy that we have a so called team.

I am sure many people will have different opinion than me which I fully respect and understand. The only objective of this article is to share my viewpoint . I am not trying to prove that I am the best team leader out there, I believe that I am a student and learning everyday from my team members. I try to share what I learn to contribute positively to my profession .

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