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First Six Months of a Realtor Life

In my career I have mentored more than 200 successful Realtors®, and majority of them either started or restarted their career with me. The one who started was the One’s who were looking for right direction and the ones who restarted was taking their last chance before deciding to leave Real Estate career as they had tried at every place but couldn’t be successful . We have successful designed a career path and almost 100% are making a six minimum six figure earning and few reached at 7 figure as well .I am sharing the first six months journey of a Realtor’s® life based on my experience and we will use John as a fictitious character in our story.

John was fascinated to see his Realtors® friends who were driving luxury cars and living a good life. He knew a lot of people around and bought and sold house few times. Every time he paid some handsome commissions to his Realtor® friends. He was thinking of saving that money and also wanted to make some extra money. He was doing a decent job simultaneously which was helping to run his family and house. He decided to take Real Estate license and wanted to make some extra money with his job and later join the profession full time. John started working to get his Real Estate license. During the period, he kept planning his Real Estate career but always has a fear in his mind that he can’t talk to too many people otherwise his boss at job or any other colleague will come to know about his Real Estate profession and he might have a trouble at job. But he was making a list of potential buyers and sellers in his friends circle and acquaintances about whom he was sure to get the business.

First Six Months of Realtor Life

Finally the day had come when John got his license. Very excited he started taking interview of the brokerages (as he was taught in the class to interview the brokerages …. I will write a separate article on this) and decided to join the one which had 100s and 1000s of agents as he was getting a good split there as well. He was assured of a so called high class training to make him a top Realtors®. John never thought that same Brokerage had more than 95% Realtors® who are not doing even decent no of transactions under the same training.

Now John was waiting for his friends and family to call him to buy or sell the house. Finally the day come when one of his very close friends called him to give him the good news and invited him for his house warming ceremony. John was shocked as he was expecting this friend to buy the house through him. John asked him, Why you didn’t buy the house through me. The friend simply said, John you never told me you are a Realtor® as well and as far as I know you are doing a job. Suddenly John realized that he was a secret agent as he really never told his friend. John started sharing with his other friends and got the second surprise of his life when his cousin brother bought a house from other Realtor® and gave John the excuse of fear of not losing the relationship and that’s why he avoided the Real Estate transaction with John. Though it was an excuse as the cousin brother was not confident that John can justify the job. John was very disappointed and was losing his motivation to make Real Estate as his career. He spoke to his Broker of Record and senior colleagues at his office who also discouraged him either by not showing the right path or by making fun of the profession. John was trifling with a biggest problem that every morning he didn’t know what to do sitting at home as his brokerage told him that he doesn’t need to come to office. He was wasting his time by doing house hold chores and was totally directionless. John tried his best but as he doesn’t have proper guidance and so called training in his office was not enough to train him to fight with the fierce competition; John decided to go back in his job.

My question to you is why you think John was not successful. Was he not talented? Was he not hard working?

No that was not the case, John missed one the most important thing and that was a right platform to perform. A right brokerage who can guide him in the right direction and can equip him with all the right tools and mentorship support. Initial first 6 months are very crucial and it either makes or break your career.

Please ask yourself following questions….

1. Do you have no clue in the morning as what to do?

2. Your brokerage doesn’t encourage you to come to office?

3. Is there any full time mentor available for you at the office who accompanies you for listing and buying for first six months at least?

4. You meet your broker of Record occasionally say once in a month or even more.

5. You Broker of Record never spoke to you to elevate to next level.

6. You don’t feel like going to office or so called training session.

7. Your friend who is working in Save Max is busy doing Real Estate and progressing.

I am sure these answers will help you to think twice and will at least make an attempt to come and see what is happening in your surroundings.

Choose the right platform to perform and it can change your life and definition of success.

We at Save Max build career not just the Realtors® . Want to know more about Save Max unique business model; don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You might be smart but every smart person needs a mentor to be on the top.

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